A Glimpse Of How Tinseltown’s Stars Prepare For The Oscars

The Oscars is the most photographed Hollywood affair of the year and unbeknownst to many, “glam teams” spend months in advance perfecting the red-carpet looks of movie stars.

Hollywood stylist Tara Swennen, who has worked with Kristen Stewart, describes Oscars to Associated Press as “the most visible awards show worldwide, so when someone wears a dress from a designer, it’s like a massive ad campaign for them.”

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Since the celebrity is the living and breathing endorsement of companies, his or her body is prepared for the event. According to Swennen, stylists typically borrow designer gowns in “sample sizes” which range from 2 to 4. Stars have to fit in the gowns if they do not want to pay for it. For those who do not fit into the sample dresses, they have to purchase one, unless a designer volunteers to create something just for them.

To do this, many enlist the help of fitness specialists. During awards season, meal delivery services witness an increase in their enrollment. The programs are designed not just to give the consumer a leaner shape but to also make the skin and hair more vibrant. Energy boosts are similarly given to help the stars get through the busy season.

Vanessa Packer, whose ModelFit studios constantly work with Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss to ensure they remain “toned and tiny,” offers four-week classes that sculpt a celebrity’s figure prior to hitting the red carpet.

As per the Daily Mail, stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Alba have tried out a cold therapy in which they stepped into a “cryo sauna.” The treatment reportedly aids in reducing the appearance of cellulite, breaking down fats, and alleviating muscle pain.

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The skin is an essential element to achieve a noticeable red-carpet look. The bright lights hide nothing, that’s why the skin has to be healthy. Dr. Harold Lancer, who works with clients like Kim Kardashian and Beyonce, is always ready for late-night phone calls because some celebrities get blemishes the night before the Oscars.

Celebrities who have Botox or fillers in their beauty plans have to get the procedures one month before the big day because these take time to properly settle. Renee Rouleau told AP that she encourages her celebrity clients to not forget the basics like eating healthy, drinking lots of water, and getting sufficient hours of sleep. She asks them to not try new products in the days leading to the event.

Hair stylists, on the other hand, recommend getting haircuts three weeks in advance. Celebrities are advised to get coloring treatments at least three days before they hit the red carpet to avoid dark roots from showing up.

It also takes a village to put in hair extensions. Creative director for Alterna Haircare Michael Shaun Corby said that preparation can take hours because they “carefully sew individual wefts of human hair together in a multitude of colors to get the exact look and texture for the star.”

Another secret hairstylists can do is to give celebrities a temporary eye lift. Skilled stylists can sew a nylon thread into a celebrity’s curls that will help lift the brows and give the illusion of smoother areas around the eyes.

Hair and wardrobe stylists work together to determine the star’s overall vibe.

Fashion stylists usually keep backup outfits in the event a client changes his or her preference at the last minute. Fashion mishaps are inevitable too like what happened to Anita Patrickson’s client whose corset dress ripped apart on her way to the ceremony. The stylist, who has previously worked with the likes of Emma Watson, recalls using dental floss to address what would have been a nightmare.

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