‘Overwatch’ News: Twitter Update Teases Hero 24 Might Be Doomfist After All

While Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan appears to have confirmed that the next hero in the popular game’s lineup of characters would not be “what everyone thinks,” a new tweet from the game’s official account seems to tease the arrival of a character that most fans have long been expecting – Doomfist. The Twitter announcement, while very brief, has managed to get the game’s massive fanbase very interested, as it appears that the game’s next playable character would be rolled out sooner than everyone expects.

Overwatch players immediately recognized Numbani, the area featured in the Twitter post. The featured image, in particular, is the spawn point of the map, according to a Polygon report. Unlike the usual state of the map, however, the featured image showed significant damages to the area, including OR15s that seem to have been punched right through the wall.

Considering the way the damages to the airport were laid out, it appears that whoever was behind the attack was wielding a powerful, massive weapon. Unsurprisingly, numerous fans of the game noted that the damage to the airport was probably caused by someone wielding the Doomfist Gauntlet, an oversized weapon utilized by the character of the same name.

Doomfist has been featured in Overwatch lore for quite a long time. When Blizzard first revealed the game back in 2014, the character was featured as an evil force in the world. The character’s weapon was prominently featured in one of the game’s short films too, with Reaper and Widowmaker attempting to steal the gauntlet, only to be confronted by Wilson and Tracer. With this in mind, it definitely appears that the Overwatch community is all but ready for the reveal of the powerful tank.

In true Overwatch fashion, players who are currently accessing the Numbani airport arena have found that that the damages in the Twitter report could be seen in-game, according to The Express. This, however, is just icing on the cake, as numerous players also noted that the Doomfist Gauntlet, which could be seen in the arena on a payload vehicle, is also missing. Thus, for all intents and purposes, it appears that someone, or something, is running around with the powerful weapon and causing havoc.

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While the clues left in the game appear to be obvious references to a Doomfist reveal, game director Jeff Kaplan did throw a cloud of suspicion on rumors about the character’s debut. According to Kaplan, a new character is indeed coming, though it would not be what the game’s fanbase is expecting.

With this in mind, the Overwatch community has begun speculating that the next hero would instead be related to 11-year-old prodigy Efi Oladele, who is one of the brightest minds in artificial intelligence and robotics in the game’s universe. While the chances of having an 11-year-old be the game’s new hero are rather slim, avid fans of the franchise are stating that the next playable character might be one of the young prodigy’s creations. Possibly, one that could wield the Doomfist Gauntlet.

While it still remains to be seen if the game’s newest hero would indeed be Doomfist, the signs that a new character would be unveiled soon are undeniable. Recently, Overwatch France updated two playlists, possibly including an official reveal trailer for the new hero. This is particularly interesting since the same thing has happened before, right before Ana was revealed.

Overwatch remains as one of the most prominent games in the market today, bringing millions of players worldwide together for quick, strategic and undoubtedly fun PvP matches. With the constant addition of new heroes, Overwatch is speculated to remain as one of the most formidable video game titles for years to come.

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