Duggar Family Rumors: Jessa Duggar Planning ’19 Kids’ Or More?

Jessa Duggar was recently on the cover of People because she wanted to show off a picture of her newest addition (and he’s adorable). But the latest Duggar family rumors suggest that this may not be the end of the line for the young star. In fact, she’s already said that she wants a lot more kids!

That’s the word according to People, who spoke with Jessa about this most recent spate of Duggar family rumors. Jessa gushed that while she was happy that Henry was able to join his older brother, Spurgeon, she was angling for more children. In fact, she’s hoping to have as many as she can!

“The minute I saw Henry, I was blown away. We definitely want to have a lot of kids. Right now we have two kids and there’s two of us, so it’s man-to-man coverage. When we have more, we’ll have to switch it up to a zone defense!”

The couple went on to say that they’re always looking for bigger houses and more space to accommodate all the kids they plan on having.

Whenever Jessa decides to have more kids, there’s no doubt that they’ll be at the center of some pretty crazy Duggar family rumors.

According to Us Weekly, Jessa has some major beef with Jinger’s new husband, Jeremy, and she didn’t hesitate to haul off on him for “taking her away” from the family!

“Jessa was still struggling, though. She got up in front of everyone and made a speech that was intended to be a sweet message, but came out a little off. “I don’t think we fully calculated all the ramifications of how it was going to play out that you were going take her 12 hours away from us,” she said. “I think it’s starting to sink in more and more how much we’re going to miss Jinger [when she] moves away.” She paused and added, “We love you both, and we’re really excited for what God has in your future.”

Of course, Jessa was only saying this because she is going to miss her little sister when she moves to Texas. Still, there could have been a better way to say this.

Finally, according to The Stir‘s most recent Duggar family rumors, there’s one thing that Jessa definitely loves about her husband, which is the fact that he’s such a good father!

It’s probably a good idea to assess this sort of thing before one has children, but thankfully, Jessa lucked out with Ben Seewald. The outlet recently spoke to Jessa, and she was pleased to announce that Ben was more than happy to do daddy duty and then some.

“The Counting On stars welcomed their second son, Henry Wilberforce, on February 6. The little guy joined big brother Spurgeon, who is practically still a baby himself at 15 months old. She feeds him, and Ben is on diaper duty. “He’s gotten so good he could do it with his eyes closed!” she revealed. Ben also opened up about having more than one kiddo.”

What do you think of this latest round of Duggar family rumors? Do you think Jessa will be a good mom?

Leave your thoughts about the latest Duggar family rumors in the comments below.

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