Samantha Hoopes Thinks Donald Trump Protesters Are Wasting Their Time

Samantha Hoopes is best known for her Carl’s Jr. commercials and for being one of Sports Illustrated’s hottest swimsuit models but it turns out she has some political opinions to share and a shocking crush on NFL great John Elway. The model also had a few words for San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, with whom she worked on an ad campaign and said he was her least favorite celebrity to meet for reasons that he might actually feel compelled to respond to.

Let’s just start out with the positive in Samantha Hoopes recent interview on the Domenick Nati Show. When asked about the recent uproar over her comments about Kate Upton being the 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Hoopes claims she wasn’t throwing shade at Upton. She took a lot of heat after talking about Upton being heavier than she was previously but Hoopes defended herself and said that she loves the “positive body images.”

“I think it’s great that for once we get to celebrate everyone’s different shapes.”

When asked about who she likes the least out of all of the Real Housewives ladies, Hoopes quickly stated that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna is her least favorite. The swimsuit model said that Rinna talks too much. Ironically, she complained that Rinna “keeps on talking instead of shutting up.” On the other hand, she called Erika Jayne a “lady boss” and admitted that she’d date the RHOBH star in a heartbeat.

When it comes to celebrity crushes, Samantha Hoopes says she has more girl crushes than boy crushes. However, she does have a huge crush on John Elway. She referred to the NFL Hall of Famer as a gentleman and when Nati mentioned that he is 56-years old, compared to her age of 28-years old, Hoopes commented that his age is perfect. Unfortunately for Hoopes, John Elway is also currently married, having tied the knot for the second time with Paige Green back in 2009.

It turns out that Samantha Hoopes is a huge Donald Trump supporter and during her interview with the Domenick Nati Show she was very open with her political beliefs despite the revelation that she didn’t even bother to vote. She told Nati that Trump has already done a lot of the things that he said he was going to do. She also criticized his opposition who have claimed Trump is not their president, claiming that it is a waste of time to protest him. Hoopes doesn’t think that the constant protests since his inauguration are doing anything to affect Trump’s confidence.

The swimsuit model also took aim at the controversy over Trump’s plans to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border. She explained that there already is a wall in place and that the current POTUS is just planning on expanding it. Hoopes said she supports the border wall plans and explained that she doesn’t want “radicalists” coming into our country and killing us.

It turns out that Samantha Hoopes least favorite celebrity experience was with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. She called the encounter “a little weird to me.” A few years back they worked on a Levi’s ad campaign together and Hoopes said that she was affected by Kaepernick’s food preferences. Apparently, the NFL star was pretty picky about not wanting sauce on his chicken and that was enough to make Samantha proclaim him to be her least favorite celebrity encounter.

The whole thing may have been better for Hoopes if Kaepernick had just ate the sauce covered chicken and ignored the fact that he was currently training and was sticking to a very strict diet, something that many professional athletes do. She never mentioned the often questionable eating habits of fellow models that she’s worked with, though. Just Kaepernick, who got really picky while on location with her. Now who is weird?

When asked about Kaepernick’s recent political protest, it’s not surprising that Samantha Hoopes called the NFL star’s fight for equality “disrespectful.” Hoopes also charged that Kaepernick was encouraging kids in school to refuse to say the Pledge of Allegience. She went on to say:

“I’m an American, I was born and raised here. I don’t know, I’m just very proud to be an American I guess. So to me, that’s disrespectful.”

As far as African American rights, Hoopes said she feels like everyone already has the same rights.

“I feel like everyone has the same rights. It’s a state of mind. If you want to believe you’re being discriminated against, you can. I don’t think it’s a color thing. I don’t think it’s a race thing… We’re going backward, it’s so ridiculous. It’s 2017, like everyone is accepted. Even illegal immigrants were accepted so to me it’s just mind-boggling.”

Samantha Hoopes goes on to say that she supports Black Lives Matter, but then backtracks and asked about her white life and whether or not it matters. She repeats the mantra that many of the BLM detractors have been saying about how all lives matter but fails to understand that just because she doesn’t see discrimination or understand the struggles that minorities face while living in America, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

It’s also not clear what she means about illegal immigrants being accepted because the whole point of the U.S.-Mexico border wall and the recent immigration ban, that illegal immigrants are not accepted in the United States. If they were accepted in the U.S., then what is going on with ongoing reports that ICE agents have been boarding public transit in many of the biggest U.S. cities to demand that everyone show proof that they belong in the U.S. Many of those cities being sanctuary cities that have previously helped to protect immigrant populations.

Be sure to check out Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Samantha Hoopes and all that she had to say while appearing on the Domenick Nati Show. Do you think the model made some valid political points or was she way off base? Sound off in the comments section below.

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