WWE Rumors: Hardy Boyz’ TNA Contracts Expired – Set For ‘WrestleMania 33’ Return

As TNA Impact Wrestling begins the process of rebuilding itself and Jeff Jarrett starts trying to make it relevant again, they may end up losing their biggest stars. Jarrett hopes that he can bring life back into the company now that he is back in power, but he has a lot of work to do. He has already reached out to one former world champion with hopes of bringing him back, but the Hardy Boyz may already have one foot out the door and the other inside WWE.

For months, many have wondered what would become of “Broken” Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy, but there has never been any leaning toward TNA or WWE. Now, it appears as if the time has come, and rumor has it that the Hardy Boyz will make a surprise return at WrestleMania 33.

All wrestling fans have followed along with the drama and knew that the Impact Wrestling contracts of the Hardy Boyz were up in February. According to PW Mania, they have indeed expired or will within the next couple of days, and WWE has made it no secret that they want them back.

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This is a pretty convenient time for the expiration of their contracts because WrestleMania 33 is right around the corner. If there was ever going to be a time for them to make their return to WWE, there really couldn’t be a better time than during the “Road to WrestleMania.”

But, there actually could be.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, by way of SportsKeeda, is reporting the big rumor is that not only will the Hardy Boyz return to WWE, but they also will do it at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando. It isn’t known how they would make their comeback, but there will be a lot of good opportunities.

Obviously, the “Broken” gimmick by Matt and Jeff has breathed new life into them over the last year, and they have become the leaders of TNA. If they were to leave the company, it would bring about a gaping hole to a roster that is already in a lot of trouble.

Could you imagine them making their return/debut at WrestleMania 33 to come face-to-face with the hosts of the big pay-per-view, The New Day?

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While it’s always possible that the Hardy Boyz could sign, or have signed, new contracts with TNA Impact Wrestling and are staying put, no one knows yet. It would be odd for the company to not announce that they were keeping them and that is what leads many to think that a new deal has not been agreed upon yet.

Matt and Jeff Hardy have a lot of freedom to work the independent scene and in other promotions while under contract with TNA, and it has made for a lot of fun. If they sign with WWE, that is going to come to a halt because everyone knows that simply won’t fly with Vince McMahon.

Currently, the Hardy Boyz are telling independent promoters that they cannot book any dates into May or past it, and that is due to not knowing where they will be just yet.

A lot is riding on who signs the Hardys, and if TNA loses them, it will be difficult to recover from that blow. WWE wants them, and they are planning on doing whatever it takes to get them. Jeff Jarrett knows he needs to do the same.

Right now, WWE is on a pretty huge roll, as they have brought in a large number of incredible talents over the course of the last year. NXT is filled with up-and-coming young superstars while veterans such as AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Finn Balor have been brought in. The Hardy Boyz have ruled TNA Impact Wrestling for a couple of years and losing them would hurt the roster in a huge way. Still, it would be interesting to see “Broken” Matt and Jeff Hardy back in WWE.

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