‘Infidelity In Suburbia’: Is Lifetime’s Secret Seduction Movie A True Story

It’s almost Saturday night. And you know what that means. It’s Lifetime Television’s Seduction Saturday. Every week for a short time, Lifetime will lure its viewers into a web of seduction, passion, and murder with several new thrillers. Tomorrow night, Infidelity In Suburbia takes you along for the ride as a suburban housewife gets herself into a lot of trouble when she begins a steamy affair with a handsome contractor. Infidelity In Suburbia is directed by David Winning and written by Christie Will. The thriller stars Sarah Butler and Marcus Rosner.


Infidelity In Suburbia Lifetime Movie: What’s It About?

Laura Halpern is a bored housewife with nothing to do. Lining up some home renovation projects seems like just what she needs to occupy her time. However, when her husband, Greg, brings home hunky construction worker, Elliott Graverston, to their neighborhood barbecue, all eyes are on him.

But he has his sights set on one person, Greg’s wife, Laura!

It takes a minute to get to know Elliott. But as Laura sees him work his magic around the house, he can’t wait to work his magic in the bedroom–with her. This mother of one knows her feelings of desire are all wrong. After all, she’s already married to Greg. But Greg can be inattentive and busy with his work, often making her feel neglected.

Things take a sudden turn in their marriage, after Laura notices that her husband’s female assistant calls him incessantly. Believing that he could be having an affair, she confides in the only guy she trusts, Elliott.

However, Elliott does nothing to assuage her feelings. In fact, he immediately confirms her beliefs. Then, he adds even more to set her mind at “dis-ease.” Elliott tells Laura that Greg doesn’t respect her, and doesn’t know what a treasure he has in such a beautiful woman.

All of this talking does nothing to satisfy Elliott, he needs Laura romantically and sexually.

With one look and one touch, Elliott and Laura begin a torrid and passionate love affair—one that fulfills her every desire. But what Laura doesn’t know is that this will be no ordinary fling. Elliott is mentally unstable, and crossing the line with him will be like pouring gas on a fire.

Soon, Laura learns that Elliott has built a secret room in her house, where he can monitor her every move. Completely obsessed with her, Laura tries to end the affair before all hell breaks loose. But someone may end up dead before she gets the chance to get out.

Lifetime: Is Infidelity In Suburbia A True Story?

In writing up the review, a true story came to mind. The circumstances are slightly different. If you follow the Inquisitr, you know that several weeks ago we brought you a true story of Walburga Oesterreich, aka Dolly Oesterreich. In the 1920s, Dolly was the lonely wife of a prominent businessman. At 33-years old, she began an affair with a 17-year-old boy. To keep their affair a secret, she allowed him to live in her attic. Her lover ended up murdering the husband. Yikes!! You can read more about that case here.

Remember the Lifetime movie Under The Bed? It was also about a woman who had a stalker who was secretly living under her bed. That one was loosely inspired by this true story.

Infidelity In Suburbia was filmed in Canada and is produced by Annuit Coeptis Entertainment II with distribution by Johnson Production Group. Executive producers, according to the Internet Movie Database, are listed as Timothy O. Johnson, Christie Will, and David Winning.

This Lifetime feature is getting it all in with the steamy shower and table top scenes. Please note: this one is not for the kids, folks. So tuck those babies in bed and grab your favorite….beverage. Then tune into Infidelity In Suburbia, which airs this Saturday, February 25, at 8/7 p.m. Central on Lifetime.

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