Kandi Burruss Blasts Porsha Williams As Hypocrite, Doesn’t Think She Loves Self

Kandi Burruss thinks Porsha Williams’ public condemnation of gays and her alleged history of lesbian relationships is proof her Real Housewives of Atlanta costar doesn’t love herself.

In a recent interview with TMZ, Burruss pointed to the infamous video of Williams blasting gays during a church sermon that made the rounds not long ago. Burruss ended her verbal onslaught by accusing her former pal of being a big-time hypocrite and insisting that she owes the LGBTQ community an apology.

The two have been openly feuding ever since Williams and fellow RHOA costar Phaedra Parks publicly accused Burruss of having a long-term lesbian relationship.

From there, Burruss charged Williams with also having had dalliances with women, which included her hitting on her and once offering to have sex with her.

In one instance, Burruss claimed the two once shared a late-night dance-floor makeout session that allegedly ended with Williams rendering her indecent proposal. In times past, Burruss has been open about having previously been intimate with a woman, while Williams has taken the stance her sexual past is her “personal business.”

Since then, Burruss has theorized that only “a person who is not new to being with a woman” would get into as graphic detail as Williams allegedly did with her. “A regular person who has just tried it one time wouldn’t say something like that,” she said.

Todd Tucker with wife Kandi Burruss attend at FIFTY SHADES DARKER Atlanta Private Screening in Atlanta, Georgia. [Image by Moses Robinson/Getty Images].

Later, Burruss added “everybody knows that she hooks up with girls from time to time. I know it, she knows it, she knows I know it. Baby girl — we in the same boat together. It’s like she and I have shared a secret that nobody else knew. I’ve never said anything, not even to my closest friends. But you only want to tell one part of the secret?”

Meanwhile, Williams has categorized all Burruss’ claims as blatant lies, adding if she was ever into women the former Grammy-winner would not be her type.

“If I did like a bi**h, you not my type — believe that,” she said. “I’m not into tea cups, short and stout, bi**h.”

For what it’s worth, Burruss has stuck to her story, snapping at Williams, “you can deny it if you want to. You tongue-kissed me in my mouth.”

Williams later explained she started the lesbian rumors about Burruss because she was annoyed that her costar once was spreading rumors about her sexual hijinks, including claims that she bedded Burruss’ ex-boyfriend Russell “Block” Spencer, who also happens to be the father of her young daughter.

Porsha Williams attends TV One’s ‘Rickey Smiley For Real’ season 2 premiere at SCADshow in Atlanta, Georgia. [Image by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images].

“At the end of the day, the way I know is because you told me you had sex with him,” Burruss claimed.

“If you just own your s— you wouldn’t be up here tryin’ put me on blast. Don’t sit up here and try to throw it up on me… I know cause you told me.”

Burruss later reiterated that news of her history with women comes as nothing new to anyone who wanted to know. “It ain’t never been a secret,” she added.

“I don’t live my life like that, you do. You done been with chicks before an’ all that.”

From there, Williams accused Burruss and husband Todd Tucker of having threesomes with other women in their alleged sex dungeon.

“If I’m single and I if that’s what I choose to do, that’s one thing,” she said.

“But if I’m married and I choose to bring other women and flip-flop them in my bed like pancakes, that’s different.”

Williams was previously married to former NFL star quarterback Kordell Stewart, but the pair split after a short while and have continued to publicly clash since going their separate ways.

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