Google Wireless? Search Giant In Talks With Dish Network

Google Android smartphones now control 70 percent of new smartphone sales, and soon Google may find itself powering many of those devices on its own cellular network.

A report surfaced on Thursday in The Wall Street Journal in which Google is believed to be partnering with Dish Network to take on Verizon, AT&T Wireless, and other US-based wireless carriers.

At this time, the companies are not in advanced talks, which means the partnership could go nowhere or Google could go in another direction.

Google recently purchased premium wireless spectrum during an FCC auction, spectrum the company could use to create a competing cellular network.

According to the report, several other partners “who would like to be in the industry” are also holding talks with Google.

With Google Android going strong and Motorola Mobility under its umbrella of the tech company, the move to wireless carrier seems like a smart decision for Google. One of the biggest problems faced by cellular manufacturers is making sure their devices work with each carrier they support. By controlling the entire cycle from research and development to smartphone manufacturing to wireless signal carrying, Google could create a seamless system that rivals its US competitors.

The real question isn’t whether Google Wireless will ever see the light of day, because Google wants it to exist, but rather if Google will receive government permission to build out a cellular network given the control it already has over the mobile OS and device sides of the business.

Would you purchase your monthly mobile plan from Google Wireless?

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