Rita Ora Accused Of Dismissing America’s Next Top Model Because She Dated Her Ex

Rita Ora is facing backlash after claims that she kicked an America’s Next Top Model contestant off the show because they both dated Calvin Harris.

Ora was accused of being unfair by Krislian Rodriguez, who had signed up for the show to try and have a go at the competition. The aspiring model accused Rita of harshly giving her the boot from the show just because they both dated iconic DJ, Calvin Harris.

Going into the show, Rita already knew who I was so I was at a disadvantage. There was definitely some rivalry happening with her, which I didn’t understand,” Rodriguez told TMZ.

Rodriguez compared Ora to Regina George from Mean Girls

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Krislian likened Rita to Mean Girls bully Regina George after she was eliminated from the list of contestants by the singer-turned-ANTM judge. Rodriguez was kicked out of the show in the early stages for apparently being too sexy. The aspiring model was so disappointed by the fact that she had just been kicked out that she ranted about it during a video chat with TMZ. She told the news outlet that Rita was rude to her because they had both dated Calvin. The model bashed the singer for being biased.

“It was more like a mean girl situation – I would say Rita was definitely Regina George!” Krislian commented during the video call with TMZ.

Rodriguez convinced that Rita had a personal vendetta against her

Krislian confirmed that she did, in fact, date Harris sometime after he broke up with Ora, and further added that the ANTM judge knew about it and that is why the odds were stacked against her from the beginning of the competition. She claims that the fact she was kicked out in the early stages of the new season was proof that the judge had something against her.

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The show was recently renewed for the 23rd season after going on a long break. Rita was selected as a judge to replace Tyra Banks, and the announcement was made late last year. She dated the Scottish DJ from May, 2013, to June, 2014. Their breakup was quite controversial, as well as bitter, because of a dispute that erupted over one of the music tracks they did together. The song in question was “I Will Never Let You Down.” Calvin forbade Ora from singing it at the U.S. Teen Choice Awards in 2014 and this led to the massive fight between the two.

The female singer later talked about the dispute during an interview with Wonderland Magazine. She revealed that the breakup was quite tough on her, though she managed to get over it.

“I just wanted to crawl in my bed and die. But I got out of it the other side, I’m surviving,” Rita stated.

Calvin moved on and even started dating Taylor Swift not long after that. However, that relationship was also short-lived. He later crossed paths with Rodriguez, who is convinced that Ora still has a bitter bone against Harris for how things ended between them.

Rita now considers that ordeal as a bump on the road, and life has brought her good fortune since then, including more success in her music career, as well as modeling opportunities. Ora would otherwise have no reason to have a bias against someone, contrary to what was suggested. It is not clear whether or not she still has something against Calvin. However, Rodriguez is convinced that Rita still does, which the aspiring model explains is part of the reason she was kicked out of the modeling competition.


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