LG V30 Rumors: Will 4 Cameras And Quad-DAC Be Enough To Beat The Competition?

It is no secret that LG’s first flagship for 2017, the LG G6, would be entering the market at a severe disadvantage. Unable to acquire the Snapdragon 835 due to Samsung’s demand for the Galaxy S8, the LG G6 would have to make do with the Snapdragon 821, a perfectly capable albeit aging mobile processor. With this in mind, the South Korean tech giant’s fate in 2017 might be largely dependent on how successful the company’s secondary flagship, the LG V30, ultimately becomes.

While the focus of the mobile market right now is the LG G6, the first rumors relating to the LG V30 have started to emerge, primarily concerning the upcoming device’s cameras, RAM, processor, and audio capabilities. From what could be determined from early speculations about the device, it appears that the South Korean tech giant would be putting most of its cards on its flagship phablet this year.

According to a Slashgear report, the LG V30 is rumored to finally feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC, which would make it far more powerful than the upcoming LG G6. The premium mobile processor is rumored to be paired with a hefty 6GB of RAM, far beyond the 4GB rumored for the upcoming Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. What is most interesting about the recent set of LG V30 rumors, however, concerns the device’s cameras and audio capabilities.

The world of flagship smartphones is currently dominated by devices with two-camera systems. Most of the best sensors in the market, such as those found in the Huawei P9 and iPhone 7 Plus, are designed with dual-camera sensors. If early rumors are to be believed, however, it appears that LG would be taking the dual-sensor concept a step further, employing two sets of dual sensors for both the V30’s front and rear cameras, resulting in a whopping and daunting four-camera system.

Considering that the LG V20, the V30’s predecessor, already had excellent sensors in its dual-cameras, the upcoming flagship smartphone’s imaging capabilities would no doubt be even more formidable. After all, equipping four cameras in a mobile device has never been done by a major smartphone manufacturer before. With a two-sensor system on the device’s front camera, the LG V30 could very well reinvent selfie photography.

A report from AndroidGuys has also stated that the LG V30 is rumored to pack powerful audio capabilities. The LG G6 is already expected to feature one of the best audio features among flagship smartphones with its Quad DAC technology, which packs four digital-to-audio converters in the upcoming device. With this in mind, it is almost certain that LG would equip its flagship phablet with the same audio innovations.

Quad DAC is pretty much revolutionary in the smartphone audio industry. After all, single DAC alone is capable of reducing up to 50 percent of noise, allowing for a smooth and premium listening experience. According to the South Korean tech giant, Quad DAC enables users of the smartphone to have full control of the left and right audio channels of the device. By being able to customize the flagship’s right and left audio channels, users of the G6 and the V30 would be able to perfectly balance sound and significantly reduce noise.

The world of flagship smartphones is usually ruled by devices that can perform exceptionally well in several key aspects, such as imaging and sound quality. With the emergence of serious smartphone photographers and serious audio aficionados, devices such as the LG V30, with its rumored four-camera system and Quad DAC, might very well be one of the most attractive, game-changing units of 2017. If the South Korean tech giant plays its cards just right, the LG V30 could very well be the surprise smartphone hit of the year.

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