More Details Of The New Nokia 3310 Revealed Before MWC 2017 Announcement

This year’s Mobile World Congress is certainly going to be one of the most significant ones in recent history. Apart from the possibility of Samsung revealing some details about its newest flagship phones for 2017, one of the most awaited launches at MWC 2017 would be the official comeback of Nokia to the world of smartphones. As part of this comeback, Nokia is reportedly also planning to bring one of its most iconic handsets, the good ol’ Nokia 3310, back to life — albeit in a slightly updated, modern form. It was just last week that the Inquisitr first discussed the possibility of this comeback. A week on, we have some more information about the Nokia 3310 and the features this updated version of the phone could sport — nearly two decades after the classic Nokia 3310 was first released back in September 2000.

According to a Chinese-language technology website Vtech, the major difference between the new Nokia 3310 and the old one would be the fact that the newer device would come with a color display that would also be larger in size compared to the older model. The original 3310, as you might be aware, featured a grayscale display. However, the overall design language of the phone would remain similar to the classic phone. While the phone would be much thicker compared to existing Android handsets, the refreshed Nokia 3310 is expected to be much thinner and lighter than the original handset.

The updated Nokia 3310 is not expected to be a smartphone — thanks to its expected sub $100 price tag. But it is likely to feature a more advanced software, making the device much more capable compared to the original. The handset is also likely to be shipped with the legendary Snake game that was one of the most popular mobile games of the time.

Like the original Nokia 3310, the new model is also expected to be released in a plethora of color options, including red, yellow, and green. It is not yet clear if the handset would be released worldwide or whether it would only be released in countries like India and China where there is still a huge demand for feature phones.

The Nokia 3310, as mentioned earlier in this article, was released nearly 17 years ago as a successor to the Nokia 3210. One of the prime features of the Nokia 3310 at the time of its launch was the fact that it did not have a protruding antenna — like most of the other handsets at that time used to have. The phone was also fairly compact, although when you look at it now, it would seem very bulky. The Nokia 3310 went on to become one of the most successful handsets ever with more than 126 million units sold.

In the years since the release of the Nokia 3310, the handset earned a reputation for being a very resilient handset that could not be destroyed easily. In fact, the handset went on to earn cult status and has been the source of several funny memes with some even claiming that the phone would easily survive a nuclear blast. While Nokia followed the Nokia 3310 up with successors like the Nokia 3315, 3320, 3330, 3350, 3360, 3390, and the Nokia 3395, none of them really matched up to the success of the good ol’ 3310. Only the hugely popular Nokia 1100 smashed the sales records set by the Nokia 3310. In fact, the Nokia 3310 to this day has an ardent fan base and you can still buy the handset from sites like eBay and Amazon.

Anyway, at this point, we should also let you know that there has been no confirmation (or denial) from Nokia regarding the launch of this new Nokia 3310. If the launch does happen, it would be on February 26, just two days from now at HMD’s event a day before MWC 2017 kicks off.

Would you buy the Nokia 3310 if a new version is launched this year?

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