‘Criminal Minds’ Dr. Spencer Reid: Spencer’s Dark Journey In Season 12

Season 12 of Criminal Minds has made life very interesting for Dr. Spencer Reid, played by actor Matthew Gray Gubler. In Episode 13, entitled “Spencer,” we saw Spencer Reid in Mexico, where he had traveled in order to meet the doctor, Rosa Medina, that he wanted to procure medicinal drugs from, hoping that these experimental drugs could help to treat his mother’s Alzheimer’s.

Here Spencer found himself in prison and accused of the murder of doctor Rosa Medina, who had been stabbed to death in a motel room while awaiting Reid’s visit. Spencer Reid was also drugged and couldn’t remember the details of the alleged murder, but knows that he was the third individual in the room and was holding the murder weapon at one point.

When it was discovered that Rosa Medina was an American citizen, Reid was extradited back to the United States for his arraignment. The defense attorney, Fiona Duncan, was seen asking him extremely difficult questions when she was interrogating him, and Criminal Minds put an interesting twist in the script so that Spencer Reid ended up being charged with murder because of a fingerprint discovered on the knife which had killed the victim. Fans wondered if Dr. Reid would wind up in an American prison as a result of this murder charge.

Matthew Gray Gubler, who plays Dr. Spencer Reid on ‘Criminal Minds,’ with other cast members in Beverly Hills on July 29, 2012. [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

Criminal Minds co-writer Erica Messer said that these episodes in Season 12 will feature a lot of Spencer Reid, and that it is sure to be an excellent story that will delve deeply into Matthew Gray Gubler’s character, as TV Guide related.

“Reid fans will definitely get their fix in these episodes. There will be a lot of Reid and a really great story. About a year ago we came up with the arc. It was on the heels of Shemar Moore leaving. Matthew, Kirsten and I had been working together on that episode and we were talking about what Season 12 could look like. I started kicking around this idea and pitched it to Matthew and he really loved it. So I pursued it and then we got all the other writers involved and we came up with the back nine for this entire season that will dive deeper into Spencer Reid.”

There have also been questions about whether Spencer Reid’s character will remain on Criminal Minds, and the Inquisitr has reported that fans are worried that Matthew Gray Gubler may be leaving the show. Speculation started as soon as people noticed that there was an episode called “Spencer,” which reminded them that when Shemar Moore left Criminal Minds his last episode had been entitled “Derek.”

It was also noticed that Kirsten Vangsness, who plays Penelope Garcia, had written both “Derek” and “Spencer,” which led many to surmise that perhaps the Spencer Reid character would disappear and Matthew Gray Gubler could be leaving Criminal Minds. Vangsness admitted that the shows she wrote somehow ended up changing the course for characters on the show.

“I seem to co-write the episodes that change the course for people. That does not mean the ends of people, it just changes their course. So Episode 13 is a course changer. It’s a course changer.”

Harry Bring, the co-executive producer of Criminal Minds, did say that Spencer Reid’s character — and Matthew Gray Gubler — would not be leaving the show and told fans to “please relax.”

‘Criminal Minds’ stars Matthew Gray Gubler and Thomas Gibson in Monte Carlo, Monaco on June 8, 2011. [Image by Christian Alminana/AP Images]

On the next episode of Criminal Minds, Episode 15, fans will see a brand new case to be addressed by the team when the main subject of the show will be targeting young women and men and disfiguring them with acid during some kind of an illegal operation, as Enstarz report. Dr. Spencer Reid will also be settling into his new surroundings in this episode of Criminal Minds. Viewers will notice that regardless of Reid’s predicament, the work must continue, as there is always an unknown subject, or an unsub, to catch.

What do you think of the recent episodes for Season 12 of Criminal Minds, and what do you hope will happen now with Dr. Spencer Reid?

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