‘On The Road’s’ Trailer Is Released

The highly anticipated film On The Road just released its first trailer in lieu of its December 21 release! As some of you may know, On The Road is an adaptation from the classic novel of the same title by Jack Kerouac.

For years there was question as to whether or not the film was even adaptable, because its material was so dense and had no specific path of narration, as many of Kerouac’s works came from a stream of conscious writing style, that is now the norm in literature. The book details Jack, and his merry beat poets on their voyage, as they travel across country to find liberation amongst the conformity of their lives. Their pursuit of the experience of traveling and a new found lifestyle is long and finds the poets in a few sticky situations.

Although the likes of James Franco and Joseph Gordon Levitt both auditioned for the On The Road, respectively, the film stars Sam Riley as Sal Paradise, Garrett Hedlund plays Dean Moriarty, who is the quintessential free spirit of the novel, and the witty female, Marylou is played by none other than Kristen Stewart. Aside from getting a lot of interest because of the source material, Stewart has been receiving some attention due to her topless scene in the film.

Of the characters in On The Road, Stewart, who read the novel in her teens stated:

“At the time, there was no way I could ever possibly imagine that I could play a part like that. I thought that the characters in On the Road were people I wanted to be able to find in my own life. I wanted to find people who really stirred me up and kept me moving and kept me pushing. And she’s that type of that person.”

In addition to the main characters, Kirsten Dunst, Amy Adams, Tom Sturridge, Danny Morgan, Alice Braga, Elisabeth Moss and Viggo Mortensen also star in On The Road.

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