Donald Trump Approval Rating Hits New Record Low, ‘Not Honest’ Says Americans

United States President Donald Trump has had a lot of hits and misses since taking office, but with more misses since taking office, it appears that his already record low Presidential rating has now hit the lowest it has ever been before. Donald Trump was one of the most controversial Presidential candidates in American history. Possibly the last real controversial type was George Wallace who ran a great deal on racism, enough to make what Trump has said look far less horrific.

However, in an era where people had two options they truthfully did not want…there was kind of a bad situation regardless of who took the role of President for many. People who were hardcore supporters of Trump remain on his side to this day, however others who supported him due to him “being better than Hilary” have now seen what a Trump Presidency looks like, and it seems people do not care for it. Now the polls are starting to show it.

Entering office his rating was at a major low of between 42 and 51 percent depending on the poll, which while low tells us near half of America seemed to be on his side the day he took office officially. This was big at the time as Americans were already protesting him on day one and day two of his administration being in place. Many Americans had hope that Donald Trump would be good for America, which is why early support was there from people.

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Now not even one month later, the rating sits at 33 percent according to a reputable poll out of Quinnipiac University. However, another reputable poll and survey from Rasmussen claims the President still sits at 51 percent. Polls tend to be different depending on the audience of which they tend to attract. A FOX News poll for example is going to be more supportive of Trump, due to siding more with the right. This over MSNBC for example which sides more with the left. However, the polls are still all showing low ratings for President Trump regardless of where you go, unless it’s run by the Trump administration.

However, funny enough, this is not what the President and his administration should worry about. Ratings dip and rise all the time during a Presidency, but it is what Americans feel about Donald Trump morally that truly should be looked at. Americans reportedly do not see Trump as honest and find him not to be for the average American. This is according to the survey from Rasmussen, which uncovered a lot of interesting things regarding Donald Trump in this area.

Overall, the survey found that voters do not consider him to be trustworthy as 55 percent label him as “not honest.” This is compared to the 40 percent who deem him to be honest with a margin in the middle that did not care either way. While honesty alone should be something that the President cares about, this is not the only thing that should worry Donald Trump.

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Americans also feel at a 53 percent range that he does not care about the average American. This may be the biggest hurtle for him to get over, as Donald Trump has continuously come off as holier than thou throughout his campaign. Remember the “small loan of a million dollars” line? While many Politicians that run for office often come from wealthy families these days, Trump has been rich his whole life and has really never wanted for much.

His father was a smart businessman and that led Donald to having opportunities others may never have gotten. Many saw him as they did Mit Romney when he ran for office, as he did not seem like a man of the people but rather a man of big business and not the little guy. Donald Trump promised to help the little guy when he got into office regarding the Affordable Care Act.

With high insurance premiums and coverage not being as good at it used to be, along with businesses now not offering coverage due to everything as well…it made sense for people to think Trump would help. However, while he has started to make changes by making an executive order to repeal the ACA, nothing has been formally introduced to replace it by Donald Trump and his administration as of yet. However, Rand Paul did throw out his idea for it.

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One of the biggest things Trump has done was attack the media for their coverage of him. He’s gone after CNN in particular calling them “fake news” and Kellyanne Conway would go on to coin the term “alternative facts” after being asked about Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s comments regarding Trump’s inauguration crowd size compared to Obama’s. It did not matter about the size at all, but apparently it hurt Trump to hear it wasn’t as big, so he pushed Spicer to reacting the way he did.

Obviously the point Spicer made was easily disproven and Conway had to find a way out, so instead of calling what Spicer said a lie, she called it an alternative fact instead. This is called a lie, there are no alternatives to facts…facts are facts. Due to all of this, the survey found that people trust the media to tell them the truth over President Trump regarding important issues.

In fact, more than 60 percent of Americans disapprove of the way Trump talks about and handles the media with 52 percent trusting the media more than Trump. Perhaps the biggest blow came when the survey asked Americans how balanced Trump is. 63 percent claim that he is not level-headed while 33 percent say he is. There was a good part of the poll as the survey found that 64 percent claim he is a strong person.

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