WWE News: Alexa Bliss Opens Up About Once Being 24 Hours Away from Dying

WWE SmackDown Live Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss may be a villain on television, but she may very well be a hero to young girls everywhere after her recent interview with ESPN, where she spoke about once being 24 hours away from dying. Alexa Bliss won the SmackDown Live Women’s Title on WWE SmackDown Live this past Tuesday when former champ Naomi had to give up the title due to injury.

SmackDown Live GM Daniel Bryan had to crown a new champion and set up a match between Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch. The wicked witch of the WWE managed to get the win, crowning her champion for the second time after she debuted with the main roster just this past summer. She never fully got an opportunity on WWE NXT despite having clear potential and talent.

This was mainly due to a crowded women’s division that included the Four Horsewomen and eventually Asuka, among everyone else. Bliss finally got to show what she could do when she arrived on the blue brand and did an amazing job. She has since continued to prove she was well worth an investment by WWE. The thing that excites WWE fans is that this is young Alexa Bliss, and they’ve yet to see what she could end up becoming.

It’s exciting to see Alexa Bliss kill it on the blue brand, but at one point in time, fans could have lost her and she might never have become the amazing wrestler and entertainer she is today. In an interview with Jonathan Coachman on ESPN SportsCenter Wednesday night, Alexa Bliss spoke of various things from her time on NXT to her influences in the industry. However, the part that got everyone’s attention revolved around her opening up about an eating disorder.

Of course, Alexa Bliss has brought this up in the past, but to hear her speak about it was fantastic to see. She told ESPN the following regarding her eating disorder.

“When I was diagnosed with my eating disorder, the doctors told me that I was 24 hours away from dying. They told my parents that with the way that my body takes to an eating disorder, my organs weren’t coming back. I was hospitalized for bradycardia and they didn’t let me sleep because they thought I would go into cardiac arrest when I would fall asleep. So it was one of things knowing that my life would just be a statistic, that one in every three people die of eating disorders.”

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Like many people, her first issue with an eating disorder began in high school, a time when things start to get the toughest for young men and women. Usually, teenage years are the roughest on both genders, however, body image for girls tends to be the biggest thing, which is why more women than men go through eating disorders. It is tough, regardless of how good one might look, because people with these eating disorders do not truly see themselves for how good they appear. Many feel they have to look like someone else.

Alexa Bliss mentioned this in the interview.

“I had gone through it first in high school. Then when I joined college cheer, we had a very strict workout regimen that we had to follow. And I had just recovered from the first eating disorder. We had to sign in to do cardio, BOD PODs, the things athletes should do. But it re-triggered everything for me. I went from 120 pounds to 80 pounds in about six weeks. It’s okay. I’m 5 foot, I’ve got a thick body, I love it. I’m curvy, I’m strong. I would trade that for being the 80 pounds that I was and being afraid if I was going to wake up the next morning.”

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Losing such rapid weight at an already low weight is absolutely horrific on the human body, and this is what landed her in the hospital. When one loses weight or even gains it rapidly, there are a number of things affected. Possibly the first is the thyroid gland, which controls metabolism and hormones. This small gland, which can be found in the neck, has a large effect on the human body and tends to be the culprit for more problems than people think.

With terrible numbers coming out of this, one can have multiple problems throughout their body. The next issue comes with the heart and blood, which comes out of the issue with the thyroid. From there, the rest of the organs have trouble and the human body can literally shut down. With WWE star Alexa Bliss, she found a way to not only survive but thrive in life after her bout with the disorder. She went through this twice and came out as good as one could.

She ended up ending her interview by saying that she loved her body now. With Alexa Bliss being a major activist on the issue, it could lead to her helping a lot of people in the near future, both male and female. WWE would be smart to try and use her as much as they can in their charity work that revolves around being the best you that you can be.

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