Pippa Middleton Furious With Brother James For Possible Wedding?

Pippa Middleton is preparing for what is being referred to as the wedding of the year, which is set to be held in May. The younger sister of Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is set to marry hedge fund manager James Matthews after a long-term relationship. There have been numerous rumors attached to this upcoming event about feuds over who will be a part of the wedding party and others regarding Prince Harry’s attendance along with his new girlfriend, Suits actress Meghan Markle.

The initial feud rumor involved Pippa and sister Kate when it became apparent that Kate would not be asked to be a part of the wedding party. Although this seems like a nasty move on Pippa’s part, royal experts share that it would be poor etiquette for the Duchess to act as maid of honor to her sister as it would risk the spotlight being taken off the bride. The feud rumor was then obviously stamped out as false.

However, more recently, Prince Harry and his new love, Meghan Markle, were rumored to be ruffling feathers of the Duchess and her sister when reports had it that the couple would use Pippa’s wedding to step out for the first time as a pair. The claims went on to state that Kate Middleton was feuding with Markle over the intentions of the couple to upstage Pippa on her big day. As expected, this story was also proven to be a total fabrication.

Most recently, the rumors are swirling that Pippa Middleton is angered with her own brother James Middleton, who had been known for his party boy antics but has since settled down in a serious relationship. Pippa is reportedly upset that her younger brother is planning a big celebrity wedding to Donna Air.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry mentioned how much Pippa’s own wedding means to her, and they also claimed she is not interested in sharing the spotlight with anyone else.

“Pippa Middleton has been waiting to get married for many long years. After several failed relationships, banker James Matthews finally proposed to her. Now the couple is getting ready to tie the knot in what many believe will be the social event of the year. The last thing Pippa wants is for James to steal her spotlight right now.”

The site goes on to state that James Middleton and Donna Air are working towards their own happily ever after.

” [Donna Air] was diagnosed with stress after she separated from James. The two have managed to work on their issues with James determined to make their romance work once and for all. After their four-month relationship sabbatical, James realizes just how much Donna means to him.”

Despite the speculation that Pippa is angered about James’ union with Donna, the publication does go on to note that there has been no indication that a proposal is set. Just like the other rumors of feuds regarding Pippa Middleton’s wedding, this claim is likely also false.

Tabloids clearly seem set on making this exciting event in the life of the fitness enthusiast and her dapper man a dramatic one, but the two are clearly heading towards the big day with happiness and likely shrugging off the negative rumors and press. Pippa is known for her party planning expertise and is sure to have one extravagant occasion planned.

As for Kate Middleton’s role on the big day, it has been made known that she will not act as the maid of honor, but she may give a reading. Despite reports by the Daily Mail that eldest children are destined to outshine their younger siblings, it’s fair to say that Pippa Middleton’s wedding day will belong to her and James.

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