‘The Blacklist: Redemption’ Offers Sneak Peeks Ahead Of Premiere [Video]

The creators of The Blacklist: Redemption know just how wary television viewers can be when it comes to jumping into a new series, even when that show is a spin-off from a trusted series, like this show’s parent, The Blacklist. Instead of relying on a viewership carried over from the original series, NBC is offering up a few sneak peek teasers, hoping to attract new viewers, as well as loyal fans of The Blacklist. While excitement over tonight’s premiere of Redemption reaches a fevered pitch, series star Ryan Eggold, who crosses over from The Blacklist to this new spin-off, shares why he expected the new series to fizzle.

NBC Teases The Blacklist: Redemption With A Series Of Teasers

‘The Blacklist: Redemption’ throws Tom Keen and Susan Hargrave together. [Image by NBC]

The Blacklist airs its winter finale tonight, and while that episode will likely spring a shocking twist at the end to keep fans tense until the season picks back up, WWLP reveals that the finale will also set the stage for the premiere of the spin-off series. The Blacklist: Redemption, which is to air its pilot episode directly afterwards, redirects the focus on Ryan Eggold’s Tom Keen, though he won’t be going it alone.


Fans of Famke Janssen will be happy to learn that she’ll be reprising her Susan Hargrave character and will play a larger role in The Blacklist: Redemption, as she’s set to team up with Tom and a small band of mercenaries. While there will be plenty of action, Famke suggests that Redemption won’t be quite as dark as The Blacklist and lets fans know they can expect a little more levity from the new series.

“It’s lighter. It’s more fun. It’s more of an espionage thriller type of show,” says Janssen.


While the latest sneak peek for The Blacklist: Redemption suggests that the series focuses around a series of ex-criminals trying to do good, the stars of the series share that things won’t remain as altruistic for long. Ms. Janssen revealed that Redemption will have its share of secrets, lies, and betrayals, while Ryan compares The Blacklist spin-off to films like The Bourne Identity and Mission: Impossible.

Ryan Eggold’s Tom Keen Is The Key To The Blacklist: Redemption

Ryan Eggold dishes on his role in ‘The Blacklist: Redemption.’ [Image by NBC]

When Ryan Eggold joined The Blacklist, he wasn’t expected to become an integral part of the series, but, as Entertainment Tonight shares, audiences developed an emotional bond with Tom Keen, just as the show’s writers found themselves intrigued by the character they were developing. The result was to keep Eggold in play and eventually to make him the lead character in the new spin-off series.

“I love the character that we’ve created and I think there’s so much to explore,” Eggold says. “This is a guy who’s a spy and assassin and orphan, but also someone who’s discovering his ability to love for the first time and developing his first genuine relationship.”

Eggold shares that he never pinned his hopes to the spin-off when he was first approached about signing on to star in The Blacklist: Redemption. The actor says there’s an abundance of great ideas coming from some of Hollywood’s most talented creators, but, very often, ideas don’t make it to the screen. Eggold says he expected Redemption to fall through the cracks, so he was delighted when he received word that The Blacklist would get its spin-off.

Ryan adds that he was eager to jump on board, because Redemption would allow him to expand his character and really dive into Tom Keen’s own personal mythology.

Eggold knows new shows aren’t always given a fair chance, but he hopes NBC and The Blacklist fans will give Redemption time to find its footing in the television market.

“You’re like a toddler stumbling through it, trying to figure it out,” Eggold says. “My hope is that we have the opportunity to grow these legs and really start running.”

The Blacklist: Redemption debuts tonight on NBC.

[Featured Image by NBC]

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