Kay Cola’s Tweets On Karrueche Tran Abuse Brutally Called Out As Useless

Just yesterday, reports New York Daily News, singer Kay Cola tweeted out some gritty and terrifying firsthand accounts of Karrueche Tran’s domestic abuse at the hands of Chris Brown. The responses to such a harrowing account, in which Cola said she could not stop crying when she heard the brutal abuse going on, were quite surprising and undoubtedly threw Cola for quite a loop.

Kay Cola has been Chris Brown’s neighbor for years. She said in her tweets that because of her own painful past as a victim of domestic violence, it was extremely difficult for her to stand the harrowing soundtrack to domestic abuse that floated over to Cola’s bedroom window from Brown’s when Tran came to visit.

As soon as Cola’s tweet was posted, followers began attacking her in the comments section. Their criticisms revolved around the fact that Kay Cola had not actually taken action. Instead (or so Cola’s comment made it seem), she had simply cried horrified tears.

“Instead of crying did you call the police?” inquired one commenter. “3 or even 2 years later doesn’t help anyone.”

“Yet you did nothing so don’t speak on it now,” stated another bluntly.

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran in 2013. [Image by Alexandra Wyman/Invision for Hennessy/AP Images]

Apparently, those harsh replies were leveled very quickly, because it was only one minute later that Cola posted another tweet defending her actions. Unfortunately, her rebuttal, in which she said she never took action because she didn’t feel it was her “place,” would just make Cola’s situation worse.

The replies once again began pouring in immediately, and they were equally as outraged as they had been on the first post.

“You never spoke up on abuse because it wasn’t your ‘place?'” someone replied angrily in response to Cola’s decidedly unfortunate word choice.

“In a very odd and strange way,” someone else pointed out, “not saying anything defends him too. Whether it was your business or not, right is right.”

Those are only some of the more civil comments, too. Many more told Kay Cola that “this was her fault too” for standing by or doing nothing, and some told Cola to “shut up” or that she is a “p**sy *ss *b**ch.”

After that second back-and-forth, Cola gave up attempting to defend herself and retreated to silence for the next 40 minutes or so before posting again, insisting that she will not back down and that she “stands for what’s right at all times.”

It could be seen as a bit of a cowardly cop-out for Kay Cola to run away from the argument for a while and then return, hoping that any opposition to what she said will have died down. On the other hand, withdrawing from the situation for a while and allowing everyone to cool off could be seen as a great move on Cola’s part. After all, online pop culture often loves to attack celebrities for things they said and quickly forget about what offended them in the first place.

It seems Kay Cola did indeed make the right move in this case because her last post was met with vastly more positive reception than the other two.

“Thank you for sharing this,” reads one of the top-rated comments. “Wish you and your daughter much joy and justice.”

“I was raised to tell the truth and shame the devil,” says another. “You did what a lot of people wouldn’t ‘SPEAK UP’ I applaud you 100x’s over.”

Of course, there were a few stragglers from 40 minutes prior, when Cola had been the bane of Twitter — one posed the horrifying question of “What if he had killed her that night? — but, for the most part, the verbal assault of Kay Cola was over with. Bullet dodged.

Is it possible Kay Cola had trouble speaking out because of her own abusive past? [Image by Funky-Data/iStock]

Still, though, things got pretty tough for Kay Cola at one point. Do you think what people were saying to her is fair?

[Featured Image by Omar Vega/Invision/AP Images]

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