Bella Hadid’s Run-In With Ex The Weeknd Wasn’t As Easy As It Looked

Bella Hadid seems to be following in the footsteps of her famous older sister Gigi Hadid, as she was declared the Model of the Year by GQ magazine in 2016.

Despite this, though, 2016 was in some ways a disappointing year for the up-and-coming model who not only split with Abel Tesfaye, the Canadian rapper who goes by the stage name The Weeknd, but was also prevented from participating in the equestrian event at the 2016 Rio Olympics due to her health issues.

Bella Hadid has been battling chronic Lyme disease since she was 15 years old, and could not participate in the Olympics due to the sometimes crippling side-effects of the disease, including severe joint pain.

Hadid revealed to Teen Vogue magazine that her disease has been so debilitating that, after her Olympic dreams had been shattered, she made the painstaking decision to sell her favorite horse.

Admitting that she had a few other horses that could “jump higher,” Hadid described her favorite horse, Lego, as her “ride or die.”

“When I had to sell him, it was like a breakup! I was really traumatized.”

The model’s romantic life took a downturn in 2016 when she split from Abel Tesfaye, citing the reason that the two celebrities wanted to focus on their respective careers. Popularly known as The Weeknd, Tesfaye wished to work on his new album and said that he could not commit to his relationship with the younger Hadid sister. Bella Hadid reportedly agreed that she was equally busy pursuing her modeling career, and the two celebrities could not devote enough time to each other to make their relationship work.

Even though they have ended their romance, Bella Hadid and The Weeknd remain good friends who care deeply for each other. In fact, the two former partners ended up performing together at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and fans of the celebrity couple were delighted to see the good rapport between the two on display. According to E! Online, an insider revealed that Tesfaye still shares a good rapport with Bella Hadid, despite the couple’s breakup.

“Bella and The Weeknd have been talking again. The Weeknd sent Bella something special to her room to wish her luck on her big day. He also spoke and texted her today and throughout these past few days in Paris.”

But as Teen Vogue magazine reported, Bella Hadid has since revealed that the meetup at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was nowhere near as easy as she may have made it look.

“It was my first breakup — or second, next to the horse — and so public.”

The moment sparked a string of internet memes, showing Hadid breezing past her ex-boyfriend during his performance of “Starboy” at the fashion show, claiming that this is the way every woman would love to accidentally run into their ex: in other words, in their underwear and looking stunning. But it was no easy feat for the young model.

“As an outsider, you might think I handled it so well, but it’s always in your heart, and you always feel it very heavily. It’ll be hard for a while. Love hurts, but you have to pull through.”

Bella Hadid is making good progress in her modeling career, proven by the fact that she was selected as a Victoria Secret’s Angel along with her sister Gigi Hadid and other successful models like Kendall Jenner. Bella Hadid and the other Angels dazzled on the catwalk, wearing the gorgeous lingerie from the iconic brand.

Bella Hadid admitted that she felt enormous pressure while making her debut at the Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show, because she was expected to gracefully promote the lingerie by interacting with the audience with her personality and body language. However, by all accounts, Bella Hadid did not let her nervousness affect her performance. Just a few days before the show, the young model shared a selfie that showed her striking a sultry pose in lingerie. According to The Sun, Bella Hadid spoke about the difference between a usual fashion show and Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show.

“On the runway for high fashion you just don’t really think. You just walk and it’s an everyday thing. You do so many shows a day that it’s kind of you’re showing off the clothes. VS is not like that.”

The fashion show was graced by other celebrities like Lady Gaga who was one of the performers at the Paris-based show. According to InStyle magazine, Lady Gaga took the opportunity to photograph herself along with Gigi and Bella Hadid after she arrived in Paris for the event.

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