Shah Rukh Khan Joins ‘Dirk Gently’ Cast? Season 2 Offered To SRK On Twitter

Shah Rukh Khan was offered to join Dirk Gently‘s cast. The Indian movie star, often called the “most popular actor on Earth,” was offered to join Season 2 as a guest star. Arvind Ethan David, the maker of the show, managed to catch SRK on Twitter and had a fanboy moment when Khan talked about the BBC America TV show, which stars Samuel Barnett and Elijah Wood.

Is Shah Rukh Khan joining Dirk Gently’s cast? [Image by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images]

It all started when Shah Rukh was surprised to know about the TV show. It was evident from his tweet that he is an admirer of Dirk Gently books. But he was not aware that there was a TV show based on it. He said sorry to Douglas Adams, the author of the Dirk Gently books. The first novel in the series, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, was published in 1987.

SRK’s surprise on Twitter, however, may be a bit unusual for fans because the actor is known for having wide knowledge on various subjects. Khan would be even more surprised to know that the BBC America show is not the first attempt to make a TV show out of the novels. BBC made a TV show based on the novels in 2010. The TV show, produced by ITV Studios, did not get the approval for a second season. This time, however, it’s a different story altogether. Dirk Gently Season 2, consisting of 10 episodes, is set to premiere in 2017.

Arvind was happy to find Shah Rukh Khan discussing Dirk Gently. He informed SRK on Twitter that the actor should be glad to know that the show was made by a fellow Indian. He did not miss any chance to make an offer to Khan. Arvind asked the Bollywood star to guest star in the show. He also shared the screenshot of a magazine that featured Shah Rukh and Arvind on the same page. SRK has just delivered a successful film at the box office after a long time. His last film Raees was loved by the audience.

Arvind, however, sounded a bit cautious when he realized he might have gotten “too excited” about SRK’s reaction to Dirk Gently. He wondered if Shah Rukh Khan noticed Arvind Ethan David’s tweet. The British producer, the founder of Slingshot Productions, is best known for producing the 2010 comedy movie The Infidel.

Shah Rukh Khan was offered to join Dirk Gently. [Image by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]

Shah Rukh, who is known for his late-night tweets, took a little more than two hours to react to Arvind’s offer. “Let me know the time and place,” SRK wrote. “Will figure out my own accommodation!” Arvind was quick to seal the “deal.” “Done and done!” he wrote.

SRK fans often wonder why he does not act in Hollywood movies. After all, Hollywood directors like Paul Feig want to work with him. Feig, best known for Ghostbusters (2016) and Bridesmaids (2011), says his wife is a big SRK fan. Back in May when Shah Rukh invited Apple CEO Tim Cook for dinner, Feig’s wife Laurie wondered if her husband would ever get a chance to visit SRK’s residence, Mannat. SRK was quick to react on Twitter. He invited Feig for dinner and said he would have French fries ready for the director, who later promised to bring the ketchup. “I would love to do a film with Shah Rukh. My wife would be so happy,” the Indian Express quoted Feig as saying.

Shah Rukh Khan’s collaboration with Paul Feig is yet to happen. It is also unconfirmed if SRK really accepted the offer to guest star in Dirk Gently, or if he was just being a gentleman on Twitter. After all, it will take more than a tweet to convince Shah Rukh Khan to join the Dirk Gently cast.

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