‘Alien: Covenant’ Crew Gone Wild Before Setting Off On Doomed Expedition [Video]

Previous teases about the forthcoming Alien prequel film, Alien: Covenant, have emphasized the darker side of the film and, while they have showcased old and new monsters, strange and surreal settings, and tense moments of action, they have done little to reveal much of the plot. A new video teaser gives four minutes of one scene, giving sci-fi and horror fans a greater feel for the crew taking on a dangerous new mission in Alien: Covenant. While fans of the Alien series certainly know where this journey will ultimately lead, the latest tease proves the old adage that half the fun is getting there.

Alien: Covenant Offers Four Minutes Of Calm Before The Storm

A new clip from ‘Alien: Covenant’ looks at the crew before it all hits the fan. [Image by Twentieth Century Fox]

Twentieth Century Fox has given us poster and video teasers in the past that has delivered genuine chills and amping up fan anticipation for the release of Alien: Covenant, but, as Entertainment Weekly shares, a newly released clip from the film gives another perspective of the film. It’s known among Alien fans that the sci-fi/horror melding of the Alien and Prometheus stories drives home the thrills, so this clip is unique in that it’s more light-hearted than what might otherwise be expected.

The clip opens with Captain Branson, played by James Franco, bowing out early, heading to his bunk to catch some sleep and nurse a cold, leaving the rest of the Covenant crew to enjoy one last hurrah, before going into cryo sleep for the long journey ahead. Danny McBride’s currently unrevealed character is the typical life of the party, as the crew pulls out the liquor, the jokes, and the gossip. Although McBride may play a party animal, he’s certainly not the only one celebrating a little too heartily, as another crew member points out.

When one Covenant crew member points out that McBride is drunk and can’t hear his criticism from across the room, his female companion remarks that only his wife seems able to out drink the Covenant crew’s resident party animal.

In four minutes, Alien: Covenant does more than showing the crew blowing off a little steam. The generous preview sets up the stage for a crew at odds with each other, revealing pet peeves that may be taken with a grain of salt now, but that may later boil over, when the impending alien attack drives up the tension.

Even the speech given by Daniels (Katherine Waterston) is preceded by a stressed moment, giving the indication that she’s not well liked among the crew. Still, even in recreational circumstances, it’s clear the crew obeys the chain of command and, for that reason, defers to Waterston’s Alien: Covenant character.

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Where Alien: Covenant Fits Into The Alien And Prometheus Timelines – The Final Word

‘Alien: Covenant’ will bridge the gap between ‘Prometheus’ and ‘Alien.’ [Image by Twentieth Century Fox]

There has been some confusion about the actual plot of Alien: Covenant and its placement within the franchise’s timeline, but, as Nerdist has shared, the film’s producers have clarified the issue and given fans a better explanation of the film’s plot.

Taking place a decade after the events in Prometheus (2012), a crew has been assembled to take the Covenant to the far side of the galaxy in search of an idyllic planet, which has been described as paradisaical, but harbors dark secrets. In addition to hostile aliens, the crew in Alien: Covenant will also face David, who has been rebuilt in the years since he had been abandoned on the planet.

One major plot point for Alien: Covenant seems to revolve around the existence of the Engineers and their role in maintaining the planet upon which the Covenant lands. Noomi Rapace is set to reprise her role as Elizabeth Shaw, who, when last seen was in possession of David’s head, so that would seem to indicate that Shaw’s life has somehow become intertwined with the Engineers.

Alien: Covenant is set up to bridge the gap (and several plot points) between Prometheus and 1979’s Alien, so the most vital dilemma facing this installment has to do with evolving one alien being into many. In Prometheus, audiences were left with the assertion that the one xenomorph was a fluke, one of a kind in the universe, but, as that being has multiplied by the time the events in Alien took place, it falls upon Alien: Covenant to bridge that gap.

Was that xenomorph really just one? Or was it one of many, possibly a queen or perhaps a scout investigating the human invaders, before reporting back to an entire colony?

We’ll only know for sure, when Alien: Covenant debuts in theaters on May 19.

[Featured Image by Twentieth Century Fox]

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