Watch Angelina Jolie Eat Spiders And Scorpions With Her Kids

Many of us have heard of people dining on insects, but Angelina Jolie has actually done it and has also introduced her kids to eating spiders and scorpions in Cambodia.

On Sunday, the BBC posted a clip of a video that showed Angelina Jolie cooking spiders and scorpions and then eating them with her children and others. Huffington Post reports that Angelina acted completely normal when she made comments about these delicacies such as, “Who wants to share a spider?” She also noted of the consistency of scorpions that, “It’s hard to chew the scorpions.”

The 41-year-old actress has been in Cambodia with her children to promote her latest film, First They Killed My Father, and spoke with a BBC reporter about the local Southeast Asian cuisine. Angelina Jolie explained how best to cook and prepare spiders and scorpions that can be eaten.

Angelina Jolie is seen in the BBC video clip taking the teeth out of a spider before it is eaten, and the Daily Mail reported that Jolie explained that bugs have always been a part of our diet, but that they are especially important during times of war and when people are being starved and your survival is on the line.

“I think it’s always been a part of the diet, the bugs. But I think there is a truth to the survival during the war of course. When people were being starved they were able to survive on things like this and they did.”

The survival of people in Cambodia is especially close to Angelina Jolie’s heart as she adopted her son Maddox from the country in 2002.

As most people would be squeamish about eating spiders and scorpions, Angelina Jolie explained that it was important to work your way up to things like tarantulas. She admitted that she had originally started with crickets washed down with a beer and had steadily progressed after her initial foray into eating insects.

“Crickets, you start with crickets. Crickets and a beer and then you kind of move up to tarantulas.”

Angelina Jolie at the Al Waleed refugee camp in Iraq on August 28, 2007. [Image by Handout/Getty Images]

To show how spiders were prepared, Angelina Jolie had her twins Vivienne and Knox help her by picking up the spiders and moving them to a bowl. Afterwards, they fried up a batch of scorpions and put these in different bowls so that locals could sample the cuisine. Jolie’s daughter Shiloh took a freshly hot spider and tested it out herself, while Angelina said that when you were eating the spider you noticed, “It’s actually really good, the flavor.”

Angelina Jolie and her children are not the only ones to eat spiders, and the BBC says that two billion people consume insects when it comes to their normal diet. And as it is estimated that by 2050 there will be 9 billion people on the planet, there will be a need to find other sources of protein to eat besides fish and meat.

Shami Radia, who sells bugs at a company called Grub, calls things like spiders a superfood.

“They are the original superfood. They are high in protein, minerals and amino acids so it makes sense to eat them.”

Zookeeper holds a tarantula. Angelina Jolie was recently filmed cooking and eating spiders. [Image by Carl Court/Getty Images]

There are 1,900 different types of insects which can be safely eaten, which include caterpillars, beetles, ants, grasshoppers, wasps, crickets, dragonflies, termites, and wasps.

Shami Radia suggests that eating inspects may one day even be considered normal.

“Behavior can be changed. Prawns are ugly and taste delicious and there’s no reason why eating insects can’t be normalized.”

What did you think of the video footage of Angelina Jolie eating spiders and would you ever eat an insect?

[Featured Image by Jordan Pix/Getty Images]

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