‘Property Brothers’ Stars Jonathan And Drew Scott Have Advice For Beyonce

When word got out that Beyonce was expecting twins, everybody and their mother had advice for the mommy-to-be. But the most interesting advice of all came from the Property Brothers — aka Jonathan Silver Scott and Drew Scott — aka the only HGTV stars that don’t seem to be stuck in the middle of some crazy drama at the moment. The Property Brothers, who would know a thing or two about raising twins — since, after all, they’re twins themselves — had a few sage words of wisdom for the “Halo” singer.

People Magazine sat down with the Property Brothers to ask their opinion about what Beyonce should do once the Carter twins arrived, and they offered the following ideas.

“On the surface that sounds amazing. But there are a few things we feel you need to know about twins. There’s always a troublemaker — a twin who will get into mischief and blame it on the other one. You want to find out which twin that is very early — it will save you a lot of heartache.”


Meanwhile, it looks like one of the Property Brothers may be trying for a set of twins of his own pretty soon.

According to AOL News, after a long courtship, Drew Scott finally proposed to his girlfriend, Linda Pham, who — of course — said yes. Drew told the outlet that he went all out for her proposal, and said that the key to a long-lasting and healthy relationship is to keep the romance alive.

Further, while he hasn’t set a wedding date with Linda yet, he’s confident that they’ll be together for the rest of their lives.

“For the big moment, Scott made sure to plan ahead, coming up with a super-romantic evening designed around girlfriend Linda Phan’s favorite things. From recording a cover of Train’s ‘Marry Me,’ to designing a custom Dr. Seuss cake, Scott planned the proposal dinner to a tee. ‘I recorded that song in the studio and the whole plan was that, in the restaurant when it comes [time for] dessert, I wanted that to play over the speakers,’ Scott [said].”

Meanwhile, the other half of the Property Brothers — Jonathan Silver Scott — might not be too far behind when it comes to trying for twins of his own. According to PopSugar, Jonathan — who was single for a long time before he got with his current girlfriend, Jacinta Kuznetsov, whom he’s been with for about a year — is also, perhaps, looking to walk down the aisle soon!

“He’s been dating the same woman for about a year, and it seems pretty darn serious; she even spent the holidays with his family! ‘When you meet somebody who makes you smile and laugh non stop… you know you have something special. Well I’ve been smiling a lot lately. I’m truly happy,’ Jonathan captioned a photo of the two of them on Instagram. And yes, this means that both Property Brothers are off the market. Drew Scott got engaged to longtime girlfriend Linda Phan at the end of 2016, and it seems Jonathan might not be far behind.”

The Property Brothers are currently casting families for the next season of their self-titled show on HGTV in Nashville, TN. Visit the official Property Brothers website, or stop by their Twitter page, for more details on how you can get cast for the show if you’re in the area.

[Featured Image by HGTV]

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