Patriots QB Tom Brady Now Has Suspect Board For Possible Super Bowl Jersey Thief

New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady became the only QB in history to win five Super Bowls when he and the Pats made an epic comeback in Super Bowl 51, but his historic jersey from that night was stolen out of nowhere. Now, Brady is on a mission to find it. Tom Brady clearly is overjoyed at making history a few weeks back, and Patriots fans are now some of the happiest people in the world. However, a piece of personal history was taken: his game jersey.

It is uncertain who stole the memorable jersey that he wore during the Super Bowl, but Tom Brady has decided to play detective. In a mad rush to become part of the Boston Police Department after his football days are done, he decided to post a “suspect board” on his Instagram page regarding people he feels could have stolen his Super Bowl jersey. Of course, it’s mostly in a joking manner as he included the likes of Lady GaGa and even his wide-out Julian Edelman.

Some say that the money should probably be on Julian, considering he did have a huge Super Bowl and even made one of the greatest catches in Super Bowl history. However, he did not win the MVP award despite his amazing work. Could Edelman be bitter enough to have taken his QB’s jersey just to prove that he does have the stickiest hands in all of football?

Hey @edelman11 “Ya suspect, yeah you! I don’t know what your reputation is in this town, but after that s@?# you pulled, you can bet l’ll be looking into you!”

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Meanwhile, there is halftime performer Lady GaGa, who had one heck of a show and could be considered the good luck charm for New England, because after halftime, the Patriots made a huge run that allowed them to win the 51st Super Bowl. Some would say that Lady GaGa may feel that since she did not get a ring, a trophy, or an award at the game, the jersey worn by Tom Brady may be the best option.

It is clear that anyone in Massachusetts will keep an eye out for all involved and keep them captive under citizen’s arrest if by chance they run across anyone they feel stole Tom Brady’s jersey. However, some believe this could lead to some issues, as Tom Brady does not know, for a fact, that anyone he thinks did it actually did it. This is why a professional investigation is now underway.

The jersey Tom Brady wore in the Super Bowl is certainly a huge piece of memorabilia to own, and according to Yahoo Sports, it is worth an estimated $500,000. Having half a million dollars is certainly a nice chunk of change. However, it may be tough to sell with everyone on the lookout for it. If by chance a person does end up trying to sell it, it may very well go for a good price on the black market to avoid authorities.

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Most thieves would stay low at this time, as you would never want to come out and try to sell now with everyone having their eyes out for the Tom Brady jersey. This is the smartest thing anyone could do, which is possibly why it has taken so long to find to culprit. Even if Tom Brady might have picked the right person to add to his board (which is hilariously doubtful), there is no guarantee the person who did it will be caught.

Authorities are certainly looking hard for whomever took the jersey. It is being reported that this has been upgraded to a felony charge due to the clear magnitude of how valuable the Tom Brady jersey is right now. As mentioned before, it’s worth a lot of money and that means jail time for whomever gets caught. The question is, did Tom Brady have it right with his suspect board? There are quite a lot of names easily questionable from it.

While Michel Scott from the amazing “real” documentary known as The Office is also on the board, some would say that he’s not quite ready for such a theft as he can barely hold down being the manager at a paper company. Although he did have a nice gangster look that should be feared. Meanwhile, the O’Doyle family certainly seems likely, and being a top suspect for Tom Brady makes sense, as they could have come back from the dead to take the jersey. Of course, possibly the best money should be on Gollum — it is clear that the jersey could be his “new precious.”

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