Cloud Storage Solutions Examined: FixYa Sheds Light On Problems With Dropbox, Google Drive, Apple’s iCloud, and SugarSync

Cloud storage solutions are quickly becoming the common place type of storage for many devices. It’s hard to buy an iPhone 5, Chromebook, or other device without learning about the “free” storage space you will be receiving with your choice in device.

Realizing the importance of cloud storage services, the team at FixYa examined top services from Dropbox, Google Drive, Apple’s iCloud, and SugarSync.

The new report specifically examines issues that customers have reported when using each of the platforms listed above. The company’s study was based on thousands of help requests submitted by its 25 million users and 8 million product problems and solutions

It is important to note that this study specifically examines issues with each product and does not showcase some of the awesome, unique, and outright needed offerings from each company. For example, SugarSync is the most liked platform among FixYa users but does not support Quickbooks.

Regardless of cost structure, awesome features, and other pluses for each program, it is still important to realize exactly what you can expect from each platform.

According to FixYa CEO Yaniv Bensadon:

“Cloud-based file storage is becoming the expected method for file sharing these days, both on personal devices and in the workplace. Such solutions simplify document sharing and collaboration across teams, which is a huge boon for productivity. Still, different users have different needs, and each solution has its strengths and weaknesses. We hope the FixYa Cloud Storage Report shines a light on these differences so consumers can make an educated decision on which will be best suited for their needs.”

Here is a breakdown of customers issues based on the FixYa survey:

Top 5 Dropbox Issues:

1. Security Concerns – 40%

2. Storage Limit – 25%

3. File Syncing – 15%

4. Laggy Responses – 10%

5. Other – 5%

Top 5 Google Drive Issues:

1. Folders Missing – 30%

2. Syncing Files – 20%

3. Automatically Converts to Google Doc – 20%

4. Unknown Error Occurred – 20%

5. Other –10%

Top 5 Sugar Sync Issues:

1. No Quickbooks Support – 30%

2. Storage Space – 25%

3. Syncing Issues – 15%

4. iTunes Files – 15%

5. Other – 15%

Top 5 iCloud Issues:

1. Mountain Lion Update – 35%

2. Sync with Non-Apple Device – 25%

3. Sync Between Devices – 15%

4. Storage Space – 15%

5. Other – 10%

Top 5 Box Issues:

1. Upload Issues – 25%

2. Security Concerns – 25%

3. Backup Files – 20%

4. Laggy Response – 20%

5. Other – 10%

Have you had any problems with your cloud services of choice that are not listed above?

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