‘Avatar’s’ Pandora Opens At Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Park In May

While fans of the James Cameron-directed film, Avatar, wait patiently for Avatar 2 to come out in theaters, they will be given the chance to actually visit Pandora themselves (or at least a high-tech imaginative idea of the mythical land) this May. As it turns out, Pandora is as close as Orlando, Florida.

This past weekend, Walt Disney World began airing mini previews of “Pandora: The World of Avatar,” the new section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom park, reports MSN. The short videos offer glimpses of the Na’vi River Journey which is sort of a Jungle Cruise ride that features “mystical flora and fauna” and “Flight of Passage” which will be similar to the Soarin’ attractions where guests will “ride” on large bird-like creatures known as banshees. Pandora: The World of Avatar is set to open on May 27, 2017, something that Cameron himself is really excited about.

“I don’t know if I can even express how it feels to see something that I imagined in 1995 suddenly made physically made real,” Cameron has said of the roughly $500 million project in the past. “They’re using the absolute cutting-edge technology, stuff that’s never been applied before.”

In addition, Disney Parks have also created a new tourist website dedicated solely on the new themed land called visitpandora.com.

“The Valley of Mo’ara is where your discovery and exploration of Pandora begins,” states the Avatar land website. “It’s where the land is an adventure unto itself. Where you don’t climb over mountains—you hike under them. It’s where the night sky comes alive with a bioluminescent glow. It’s where you’ll experience the start of a jaw-dropping, ‘I’ll-be-talking-about-it-for-years’ type of adventure.”

VisitPandora.com is created by the mythical Alpha Centauri Expeditions (ACE), a deep space traveling company providing daily tours to Pandora. “Our dream is that all those who crave exciting adventures in nature can find that with ACE. We look forward to helping you discover the wondrous beauty that the world of Pandora has to offer,” says the website which also gives a short “who’s who” of the people who run ACE like Kam Demarco who is said to be a “first-generation human on Pandora” and Rue Ansari who is an ACE Banshee Field Expert.

More importantly, VisitPandora.com gives detailed descriptions of the two adventures that await guests in the theme park:

The Pandoran River: Guests board reed boats and travel along the Kaspavan River which winds through the rainforest found in the Valley of Mo’ara. Guests will learn about the Na’vi culture while enjoying the luminescent sights and sounds of the forest with its exotic glowing plants and animals that you have only seen on screen.

Flight of Passage: While the flying on the back of a banshee is an important rite of passage for those of the Na’vi culture, guests will be able to experience the same and take in the breathtaking views of the lush foliage, floating mountains, and ancient ruins.

Website guests are thrust back to reality when they select the “Plan Your Adventure” link, which sends them back to Walt Disney World’s website.


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The timing of the opening of Pandora: The World of Avatar is in line with Disney’s Guardians of the Galaxy ride, which is opening on the West coast at Disney California Adventure park. Both are just the start to other new additions coming to the theme parks which include new Star Wars and Toy Story themed areas coming to Disneyland in Anaheim and Disney Hollywood Studios in Orlando.

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