Stevie J And Joseline Are Back Together Again, Says Joseline Hernandez

God bless Stevie J and Joseline for giving the entertainment journalists something to talk about every week. One minute, they’re fighting, and the next minute, they’re back in love. Anyway, everyone’s favorite couple from Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta is giving the news media something to talk about, again, as the latest social media posts by Joseline Hernandez hint that the couple may be a couple, officially, once again!

According to the official VH1 blog, Stevie J and Joseline are certainly getting along better than they have in the past. Joseline Hernandez recently posted a picture of her kissing Stevie J to her Instagram, and the two certainly looked happier than they have in the past.

This is certainly a far cry from the drama that we’ve seen on the latest Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta promo, where the two are battling it out over the status of baby Bonnie Bella’s paternity. (Of course, it was later proved that Stevie J is, definitively, the father of Joseline’s baby.)

And while VH1 suggests that this new lovey-dovey tack that the couple is taking may solely be for the sake of the baby, they can’t help but wonder the same thing that we’re wondering: it’s one thing to be civil with your baby daddy, and another thing entirely to be playing kissy-face with said baby daddy that you previously were fighting with like crazy. And yes, we’re glad that the baby won’t have to see her parents fighting like crazy — but will the baby see her parents together?

According to Gossip on This, Stevie J and Joseline are, indeed, back together, and it’s not just for the cameras or for the sake of Bonnie Bella.

“For those who might’ve felt stressed and devastated that Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez were split during her pregnancy, have no fear: The Bad Boosh and her Beefcake are together again. Filming for season 6 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is well underway and judging by the Instagram and Snapchat activity, Joseline and Stevie J are back together and ready to take on the world one more time.”

They even went so far as to share a video of Stevie J and Joseline back together again, smizing on each other for all of Snapchat to see.

Ain’t love grand, kids?

For now, those of us who are still wondering about the status of Stevie J and Joseline will have to make do with the post-pregnancy pics that Joseline has been generously sharing with us via social media.

Even though she only gave birth to Bonnie Bella two months ago, according to Hollywood Life, she has an incredible post-baby body for all to adore. Needless to say, her stomach is as flat as a board, but her cakes are as luscious as ever. And, apparently, she’s doing it all for the love of Steebie!

“Joseline has never looked better, and her ex, the father of her baby girl, Stevie J, 45, may feel the same way! Although he and Joseline had a very tumultuous relationship and a nasty split at the end of 2016, EXCLUSIVELY learned that they just can’t quit each other. “No matter what Joseline says or how she tries to front like she’s over Stevie, she’s still got feelings for him,” a source close to the situation told us. “They’ve always had a crazy up and down relationship, a lot of people think they’re going to get back together.” Wow!”

Well, alright then, Miss Thing! Go get your man!

What’s your thoughts about Stevie J and Joseline getting back together?

[Featured Image by VH1]

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