Curse Of Oak Island Season Finale Recap, And Will There Be A Season Five?

The Curse Of Oak Island season finale (of Season 4) aired on Tuesday night, and fans are disappointed in the much-hyped two-hour show’s failure to deliver anything but even more “clues” that aren’t buried pirate treasure.

For four seasons, fans have watched as Michigan businessmen the Lagina Brothers (Rick and Marty) have poured untold time, energy, and most importantly, money, into the Canadian island, which legend says holds possibly billions of dollars in buried pirate treasure – that is, if they can get to it and if it’s even there.

During those four seasons, the brothers have found tantalizing clues here and there, leading them to suspect that they’re inching ever closer to the famed pirate treasure. A plank of wood with strange markings here, a map containing strange ciphers there. However, as the seasons have gone on, the clues have become fewer and further between. However, The History Channel hyped up the season finale as a game-changer, promising that the brothers would finally find the one clue they needed to prove to them (and the viewers) that they’re finally on the right track to finding the treasure.

So what did they find? A button and some metal debris.

And it took them two hours to get there.

In the absence of the brothers finding buried pirate treasure or even clues (and here “clues” means “actual, meaningful clues” and not “random bits of this or that combined with fanciful speculation”), the show’s fourth season episodes have fallen into a familiar pattern. Each episode consists mostly of footage of previous episodes, a few new frames of the guys’ teams in action, and recaps of what has happened previously within the episode. All the while, the narrator tries valiantly to connect the mythical treasure to just about every legend: the Knights Templar, the Masons, even aliens.

The show’s descent into predictability and silliness (and the fact that the brothers are no closer to finding the treasure than they were four years ago) is starting to wear on the fans. On the show’s Facebook page, several fans have had enough.

Steven Hill: Such a disappointment! 10 years of hard work paid off – with a button and metal debris?

Tim Davidson: This has got to be the biggest FRAUD show of all time. For3 years this show has strung us along and for what, a few pieces of wood beams, a railroad nail/spike and parts of a metal box.

If the show’s failures are wearing on the fans, the entire situation is wearing even more on the Lagina Brothers themselves, according to TV Over Mind. For starters, even though The Curse of Oak Island‘s TV cameras have been documenting their treasure hunt for four years, the guys have actually been searing the island for ten years. In that time, they’ve sunk $3-5 million into their project – a project that keeps them away from their families at home for months at a time.

So, considering that at least some fans are starting to tire of the show, and considering that the brothers have already devoted far too much time and money for far too little reward, can Curse of Oak Island continue for much longer? Probably; even though some fans are jumping ship, the show continues to get high ratings. And it may yet be possible that the History Channel bosses come up with enough money to make further production of the show worthwhile for the Lagina Brothers.

Do you think the Curse of Oak Island Season Finale of Season 4 is actually the series finale of the whole show?

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