Did Migos Beat Up Sean Kingston In Las Vegas After Argument About Soulja Boy?

Sean Kingston was reportedly beaten up pretty badly by Migos in Las Vegas on Tuesday, so why was he the one who ended up in handcuffs? After the altercation, everyone took off before police showed up. Later in the night, it was reported that they wanted to speak to Migos about the incident, but it was made clear that they weren’t “wanted.”

A fight broke out between the “Bad & Boujee” rappers and Kingston on Tuesday afternoon while they were all at an event at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas according to TMZ. It was reported that the members of Migos ended up fighting Sean Kingston to the ground before stomping on his head during the afternoon fight that was said to have started as an argument about Soulja Boy.

It’s unclear exactly what set off the fight except that Soulja Boy’s name was involved, but the rapper was not actually there. Earlier in the day, Migos and Sean Kingston were caught on video looking pretty friendly. It’s crazy how fast a seemingly good time turned into a shocking fight.

Police were called but Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset of Migos, as well as Sean Kingston, were long gone by the time law enforcement arrived. The fight allegedly ended and everyone scattered after a gunshot was fired. The shooter, part of Kingston’s camp, was arrested for firing his weapon. The shot didn’t hit anyone, and it was reported that the gun was fired into the air and not at a person.

It was made clear soon after the altercation that police wanted to talk to Migos about the alleged brawl. They also said that they just wanted to talk to the Atlanta rappers and said that no one from the group was actually wanted.

They also caught up with Sean Kingston to get his side of the story. Kingston was spotted in cuffs while sitting in the backseat of a police cruiser. Apparently, he was just questioned about the Las Vegas beatdown and wasn’t placed under arrest. It looks like Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff also won’t be facing arrest because while Kingston was somewhat cooperative with police, it was reported that he wouldn’t snitch.

Two people involved in the melee were arrested. According to the New York Daily News, Las Vegas police took the shooter and one other person into custody. So far, there have been no reports regarding what their actual charges will be.

As far as the beatdown that Sean Kingston reportedly took at the hands of Migos, he claims it’s all made up. The “Beautiful Girls” singer posted a video today to “disprove” the reports that Migos beat him up badly. Kingston pointed out that his face was free from bruises or abrasions, making it hard to believe that he took a severe beating as had been reported.


“You can’t keep a good man down,” Kingston quips in the video while also pointing out that his face is “smooth as motherf***ing ice.”

In the video, Sean Kingston never actually mentions Migos by name. He does repeatedly point out that his face remained untouched, though. It seems that Kingston’s response after the Migos fight will only serve to egg on the new hip-hop feud. Considering that it was reported that Migos had Kingston on the ground and were stomping on his head, posting a next day video to show the trio just how much damage that they didn’t do might only make them want to take another shot at him. After all, they wouldn’t want anyone to think that a group of three men can’t even put a bruise on someone when they should have had a huge advantage.

So far, Migos has not commented on theSean Kingston altercation on social media and haven’t posted anything new on Twitter since their appearance with Ellen DeGeneres just two days ago. They have only promoted new music on Instagram. It looks like everyone is keeping a low profile after the Las Vegas fight.

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