Wayne Rooney’s Prostitute Reveals Truth About Her Promiscuous Past

A former prostitute linked with Wayne Rooney is set to reveal a past dalliance between the two. Helen Wood, 29, had kept her mouth shut for a number of years when it came to the footballer and other people she had slept with as she thought the information would be boring or perhaps the act itself and should remain in her head.

She is supposedly set to release a mouth dropping attention-grabbing autobiography. The mother-of-one had slept with a number of millionaires that included four footballers, actors, as well as a judge. One of the actors that she had been booked by was extremely private to the extent there’s been an injunction that bars anyone from mentioning his name with relation to her.

The Sun’s source reported that she had been working on her memoirs for years

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And she is finally ready to release her story. She figured that it was alright to share the story as her son is now old enough to understand her predicaments.

“It’s always been difficult for Helen to talk about her past but she’s setting the record straight in the book.”

It was also mentioned that several book publishers have already approached her.

Helen claims that she slept with the Manchester United football player while his wife Coleen was pregnant with their son. She claimed that she was booked to have a threesome with Jenny Thompson in 2010. It’s claimed that the two would often have three ways together and would charge large sums of money per night.

Who Is Helen Wood?

Helen was a former escort who then won Big Brother to ensure that the public stopped seeing her as just Wayne Rooney’s prostitute. According to the Sun, she is a 30-year-old writing vegetarian that is a mother to a 14-year-old boy. She became pregnant when she was just 16-years-old and lived with the father of her child for awhile up until the relationship ended. She then became a single mother and had to fend for her son and herself, but unfortunately ended up in a lot of debt.

It is then her friend Jenny Thompson recruited her into escort work. The former prostitute then became a beautician and hasn’t worked in prostitution. She hit the headlines when she revealed that she had slept with the footballer. The story probably had many talking simply because his wife was pregnant at the time when he went on an away game. She won Big Brother but refused to reveal on air about her adventure with the player. After winning Big Brother she said to Daily Star, “There are things I’ll keep private. Anything I have done with certain people in the past will stay in my head. I’m not going to dish the dirt.”

She revealed on the Daily Star that since turning 30 she doesn’t really need men anymore and that she realizes that she can be happy on her own without one. She added that she is a pessimist and that she wouldn’t be following rules as to what she is meant to have done at a certain age.

What About Jenny Thompson?

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Jenny Thompson, a former prostitute, is, according to her Instagram Bio, a TV personality who signed up to appear on MTV’s Ex on the Beach. She is also widely known to have slept with the football star and has also slept with Mario Balotelli. She revealed that her daughter saved her from her life in prostitution and she released a tell-all book. The book, Bang to Writes, is a book that details her life as a call girl and the people she claimed she had slept with over the years. She has apparently revealed on the MTV show some of the details of her romp with Rooney and it is unknown if it shall be aired or edited out.

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