‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Can Jadis Be Trusted? ‘TWD’ Actress On Scavengers

The Walking Dead Season 7 has introduced new communities. Viewers have seen a few of them, including the landfill occupied by the Scavengers. Led by Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh), fans are wondering if the unique survivors can be trusted. There are also a lot of questions about the newly discovered group and its leader. Recently, McIntosh discussed her character, the community, and more.

TWD spoilers are ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want to know what to expect on the AMC TV show.

Can Jadis and the Scavengers be trusted in ‘The Walking Dead’? [Image by Gene Page/AMC]

Last Sunday on The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) was put through a horrendous test by Jadis. Thrown down into a section of the landfill, an armor-clad walker with spikes coming out of its head and body was waiting. Named Winslow, Rick had to prove his worth by fighting the creature. He won the battle, thanks to Michonne (Danai Gurira) telling him to use the garbage to his advantage.

Afterward, she agreed to join the fight against Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the Saviors. However, she wanted some things in return. Jadis and Rick went back and forth for a bit negotiating the terms and for the first time, the Scavengers leader gave a little smile.

Pollyanna McIntosh says Jadis likes to make deals on ‘The Walking Dead’ [Image by Gene Page/AMC]

What is known about this mysterious group? Pollyanna McIntosh spoke to the Hollywood Reporter about the storyline. The main question that TWD fans have is if the landfill leader is an ally or a villain. The actress explained that everything Jadis does is for her group. She takes care of them and tries to do what is best for the Scavengers. She also strives to make good decisions that will somehow benefit her community.

What is known about the group is that they have been at the landfill since the beginning of the outbreak. At one point, Jadis and Rick stood on top of a large trash pile. It was then that everyone realized how incredibly vast the community is. Not only is it huge, but it is like a maze with certain areas sectioned off, like where Winslow was kept.

“You can see from the way that they’re all dressed so similarly that they’re a very organized community — it’s almost a military feeling in that they all have a similar look and have this great choreography at the beginning with those circles when they’re gathering around. In a traditional way when two groups would meet, usually their leader steps forward but Jadis doesn’t see it that way. We’ve got a very kind of watch, keep in shadows and then move when you know exactly what’s up [outlook] that has served them very well because they’ve got this great junkyard home and it doesn’t look like those walls have been breached yet.”

Even though Rick did prove his worth by battling Winslow, that was not the only factor in her decision. At this point in The Walking Dead, Jadis believes that Rick’s request appears to be the right choice for the Scavengers. However, is the agreement right for Alexandria? Can Jadis and her group be trusted? It’s hard to say if the two groups will be longtime alliances or if Rick made a huge mistake.

On AMC’s official website, McIntosh participated in a Q&A about Jadis and the Scavengers, also referred to as “Heapsters” on set. One tidbit the actress mentioned is that the landfill leader likes to make deals. As fans recall from last Sunday’s episode of TWD, Jadis looked like she was enjoying negotiating the terms with Rick.

“Jadis enjoys bargaining and making deals more than anything else. My view of the character is that she wasn’t somebody who was in a position to be making deals in her previous life and now, it’s fun for her in the new world. I think we can expect a bit more of that gleeful bargaining from her.”

However, will she honor her end of the agreement? Or if a better deal comes around, will she pounce on it? It would be catastrophic if Negan and the Saviors found the community and tempted Jadis with an irresistible offer. Speaking of Negan, how would Jadis respond to the villain?

“She would size him up like everybody else. It’s very clear with Negan that he wears his arrogance and psychosis on his sleeve. I think Jadis seeing him would know exactly what was up with him and she’d have to figure out how to handle that one. There’s nobody quite like Negan but then there’s nobody quite like Jadis. She would see him and know what was going on with him and certainly read him very clearly. There is no charming Jadis with the kind of nonsense Negan throws out.”

What do you think of what Pollyanna McIntosh had to say about Jadis and the Scavengers? Do you think they can be trusted or will Rick Grimes end up regretting it on The Walking Dead?

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