WWE News: WWE Not Happy With The Rock After Calling CM Punk Off-Air On ‘RAW’

WWE was definitely not happy after The Rock pulled off a stunt by calling CM Punk right after the Raw segment went off the air. Those who watched the event live at the Staples Center last Monday saw how Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took out his phone, called CM Punk, and left him a voicemail when he couldn’t get him on the phone. Fans might have been happy with the stunt, but WWE definitely was not.

Dwayne Johnson at the 2017 People’s Choice Awards. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Apparently, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was not on Raw to compete in the ring. Instead, he was set to film a scene for an upcoming movie, Fighting With My Family, that focuses on the life of WWE superstar Paige. Since the scene is all about Paige defeating AJ Lee, who happens to be the wife of Punk in real life, the fans went wild and chanted “CM Punk.” Dwayne Johnson being Dwayne Johnson took out his phone and dialed Punk’s number. However, the call went to voicemail, so The Rock just left Punk a classic message that had fans roaring.

“Hey Punk…it’s Rock. This is not a joke. I’m literally calling you from the middle of the Staples Center. They are chanting your name.”

February 20 may have been a great night for The Rock and the many WWE fans who went to Staples Center. However, the same cannot be said for the World Wrestling Entertainment officials. After The Rock called CM Punk, WWE was obviously upset and told everyone that they have nothing to do with the whole stunt Johnson pulled. As Heavy reported, WWE officials were so upset that they sent someone on the ringside to tell Johnson to stop calling CM Punk. When he was told that his mic would be turned off, The Rock answered back, “They better not turn off my mic.”

Before he came to the Staples Center in Los Angeles, The Rock posted an update on Twitter that continued on to his Instagram account.

When RAW goes off the air, that’s when the next level of fun begins. You’re all gonna be in the movie.. energy thru the roof. At 445pm [sic] today before RAW goes LIVE.. the music hits, the bass drops, backs crack, livers quiver and I’ll smell like a primate.

Tonight’ll be fun. Can’t wait. See you in a few hours.
#RAW #LA #StaplesCenter #FightingWithMyFamily #ChampionshipMatch

Given that The Rock is simply there chatting and explaining to the crowd about the film crew and the movie, he might not be too aware that WWE personalities tend to ignore CM Punk chants as it happens. It seems to be an unwritten rule not to mention Punk’s name, especially with Vince McMahon around.

Punk, on the other hand, acknowledged The Rock’s call and message on Twitter and said that he was walking his dog.

He also thanked the fans who cheered on for him at the Staples Center.

The fact that WWE officials are not very happy stems from the fact that CM Punk and WWE were in the middle of a major disagreement when they parted ways. Three years ago, on January 2014, Punk was forced to walk away from WWE after he claimed that a “lazy” WWE doctor ignored his health issues. Punk was also not happy with the way he was being promoted by the WWE, and he felt the WWE Network would hurt his earnings. To make matters worse, WWE sent Punk the pink slip on his wedding day. Vince McMahon made a public apology later on, and Punk moved on as a UFC fighter. Certainly, WWE hearing The Rock calling CM Punk from the ring is more than enough to make them uncomfortable.

CM Punk at the 2012 USA Network Upfront. [Image by Evan Agostini/AP Images]

Although the whole scene was a mix of good fun for the fans and a lot of uncomfortable memories for the WWE officials, some of the fans hope that WWE will allow the possible return of CM Punk. This might not happen very soon given the backstage reaction of the WWE officials, but McMahon left the possibility open with a statement he made way back in 2014 regarding Punk returning:

“I hope that one day, we’ll be able to get back together again.”

Sadly, Punk is still adamant he has no interest in returning to the WWE, and he intends to continue his MMA career.

Missed out the good show? Check out the short video clip below as The Rock tries to call CM Punk. What are your reactions? Don’t forget to share your thoughts!


[Featured Image by Evan Agostini/AP Images]

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