Samsung Note 8 Enroute And Note 7 May Be Resold As Variant After Fiasco

Fans are about to live a very important moment for Samsung, namely, the presentation of its new flagship phone, the Galaxy S8. This phone marks a make or break situation for Samsung as a competitive rival for Apple. The phone could be announced soon, although the truth is that everything indicates that it will not arrive for the Mobile World Congress 2017. Rumors suggest that the official launch of S8 will take place on March 29 and that the launch of both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus (the add-on device) will take place in mid-April. Meanwhile, it seems the South Korean manufacturer has not stood idly by.

The news recently surfaced that the Korean giant is already working on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The phone, which will probably be presented towards the end of summer, would be labeled Baikal, although this may not be the final commercial name given to Note 8 by its manufacturer.

The Baikal is the deepest lake in the world located in Siberia. With this unique name as a reference, it becomes difficult to conjecture what Samsung would deliver. What has been said for now on the phone is that it could have a screen with a 4K resolution which would guarantee users an absolutely comfortable and brilliant experience when it comes to playing multimedia content or playing games of high graphics. But the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would still be a phone specially developed for professional users. The tactile pointer, known commercially as S Pen, would play a key role in this device.

Justin Denison, senior vice president of product strategy at Samsung, speaks during a launch event for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. [Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

It seems clear, on the other hand, that Samsung will continue to maintain much of the features that make the Note a premium device, especially suitable for those who demand the highest performance. Thus, the company could come with a screen with dimensions equal or higher than 5.7 inches which users would enjoy with a curved design much like its predecessors, Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

On the other hand, it seems obvious that the phone will have to run through an evolved Exynos processor, containing between four and six GB of RAM in order to provide users with optimal performance and nothing less. A good camera system is highly anticipated for the upcoming Note 8. It’s being speculated that the new phone will incorporate 12 megapixels for the rear camera and will include some special features for the front camera such as the object recognition system and iris recognition system along with many other innovative features which might make this device a ground-breaking proposition. Even though these are just rumors and speculations so far, only time will tell what the Galaxy Note 8 actually amounts to.

On the contrary, other rumors suggest an alternate possibility for Note 8 which may sound very startling. Let’s begin by asking that if a company has loads of phones unsold because of some internal malfunction, what’s the logical course of action the company would most likely pursue? It’s none other than replacing the part that caused the malfunction, introducing some minute features to make it seem like it is a totally new phone altogether and then re-selling it under a totally different name. At the moment, that’s just a not-so-crazy rumor floating around the media for quite some time now.

A Samsung Galaxy Note 7 lays on a counter after it was returned to a Best Buy. [Image by George Frey/Getty Images]

According to some reports, Samsung would start selling the Galaxy Note 7S to minimize its economic damage caused by the explosion of a number of Note 7 and the ones returned that remained unsold. However, the phone would not reach everyone. This new edition would be sold mostly in India, Vietnam, and other emerging markets, although the company would also be considering selling it in its own country, South Korea, before the Galaxy Note 8.

ZDNet explains that the company would have the phone restored in May and would start selling it as early as the month of June. Of course, there will be a fundamental difference with the Galaxy Note 7; the battery will no longer be 3.500mAh but would be reduced to 3,000 or 3,200mAh. In theory, most of the components will be exactly the same. Some sources indicate that the company should only change the battery and nothing else, while others say that although most of the elements of Note 7 would be reused, a new casing would have to be designed. In total, Samsung currently has more than three million Note 7 returned by its buyers and another 2.5 million that were not distributed. This decision would be a serious step for Samsung, especially considering that its reputation fell sharply in recent months. Will the South Korean giant be able to gain back what was lost in the dreadful Note 7 fiasco? Sound off your comments below.

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