WWE News: CM Punk Admits Why He Didn’t Answer The Rock’s Phone Call

On WWE Monday Night Raw last night, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson came out and got the crowd worked up because they were shooting scenes from the movie Johnson is producing called Fighting With My Family. In a funny moment, the fans started chanting CM Punk so The Rock pulled out his phone and called CM Punk, but the former WWE Champion didn’t answer.

CM Punk took to Twitter last night after the event and explained to fans why he didn’t answer the phone. According to CM Punk, he didn’t answer Johnson’s call because he was out walking his dog on the dog’s birthday.

CM Punk also came back to Twitter a little later and thanked the fans in Los Angeles for their cheers, saying it was nice to hear from them. It was a funny moment for Johnson, even though reports indicate that the WWE was not happy with the stunt.

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PWInsider reported that the WWE even sent someone out to tell Johnson to change direction with his promo.

“We heard from multiple sources that WWE management did not appear to have been happy with Rock going in that direction with his live promo to the crowd in Los Angeles. At one point, it appeared someone was sent to ringside to ask Rock to go in another direction. At one point, a fan yelled they were going to turn his mic off and Rock responded, ‘They better not turn off my mic.'”

The reason that the fans started chanting for CM Punk was because the scene that was shot after WWE Monday Night Raw went off the air was a scene where Paige made her WWE debut and beat AJ Lee for the WWE Diva’s Championship. CM Punk is married to AJ Lee.

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Of course, Fighting With My Family is a real move, so it wasn’t Paige or AJ Lee out there for the scenes. According to WrestleZone, the star of the movie, British actress Florence Pugh was there portraying Paige with NXT talent Tessa Blanchard (the daughter of Four Horsemen legend Tully Blanchard) was her stunt double. Wrestler Thea Trinidad stars in the movie as AJ Lee.

Fighting With My Family is a movie about the family of Paige, who are all wrestlers. Nick Frost (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead) stars as her father Ricky Knight, Lena Headey (Game of Thrones) stars as her mother Saraya. Jack Lowden appears as her brother Zodiac.

Vince Vaughn is also in the cast in an unnamed role, although some speculate he will play Jake “The Snake” Roberts, who once lived with Paige and her family. The Rock also has an unidentified role in the movie.

Seeing Johnson call CM Punk during Monday Night Raw was surreal. Of course, the two had a major feud in the WWE – one that ended the record-setting modern era world title reign of CM Punk. The feud seemed very personal as CM Punk made fun of “Dwayne” leaving the WWE but still getting put over major stars who worked every week in the company.


It was ironic since CM Punk left the WWE and then signed on with the UFC, getting a match at a UFC pay-per-view event without ever fighting anywhere else – over talent who work in the UFC every day. CM Punk explained his appearance by saying he helped Mickey Gall get onto the card but he was then beaten very fast in an embarrassing loss.

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