‘Sister Wives’ Rumors: Kody Brown Lashes Out Against Utah Polygamy Ban

There’s a certain sense of irony — some might call it schadenfreude — when a man like Kody Brown rails against the system for denying him the right to marry more than one person because he’s a consenting adult, but doesn’t believe that two men or two women should get married even if they are consenting adults. Nevertheless, the latest Sister Wives rumors revolve around Kody Brown’s displeasure with the Utah court system that’s ruled against his right to be in a polygamous relationship with his four wives. Though, legally, he’s only married to one woman — who, according to some Sister Wives rumors, is in the process of divorcing him — he lives as though he’s married to four, and he’s more than resentful of the fact that he’s not allowed to legally live the way he wants to.

According to the latest Sister Wives rumors from Fox 13, Kody Brown recently vented his spleen to the cameras as he marched to protest the Utah law that makes polygamy illegal. The actual Utah law states that while it’s not a crime to “purport” to be married, it is a crime to be legally married (that is, with a license and on paper) to more than one person.

“I think that they just don’t understand the humanity of our situation, of the people that are living plural marriage. They see things through Warren Jeffs. There’s thousands of polygamists, husbands and wives, consenting adults in this state, who they’re ignoring their need to be free as consenting adults. Once again, prosecute the real crime. Prosecute abuse, prosecute fraud, prosecute all these things that are there. Leave consenting adults alone.”

Now, it bears noting that Utah had to make polygamy illegal as a condition for its statehood.

But according to the latest Sister Wives rumors from the Salt Lake Tribune, as a general rule, Utah only “investigates” polygamous relationships if there’s a suspicion of any type of fraud or coercion. So, why the Brown family felt it necessary to “flee” to Nevada is beyond anyone’s level of comprehension, except if it was done as a way to manufacture drama.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of people who are against the practice of polygamy. Kristen Decker, a former “plural wife” who now runs the coalition called Sound Choices, which helps women get out of polygamous cults, said she was “grateful” that the Supreme Court won’t decriminalize polygamy because she feels that it’s harmful to women.

Interestingly, it was rumored that not long ago, one of the Sister Wives reached out to Decker to try to escape her marriage to Kody Brown.

Finally, according to the latest Sister Wives rumors from Music Times, the family will continue to undergo a lot of changes. In addition to one of Kody Brown’s daughters coming out as gay, Mykelti recently got married, and Kody and Robyn Brown’s first daughter, Ariella, was born. Meanwhile, Maddie Brown and her husband, Caleb Brush, recently revealed that they’re expecting a boy — which would mean that Kody became a father, and a grandfather, within the span of two years. This also means that the Brush baby’s aunt is, literally, only a few years older than him. Oy vey!

What do you think of these latest Sister Wives rumors? Do you think polygamy should be legal?

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