‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Will There Likely Be A Michael And Nelle Hook Up?

Nelle Hayes has been secretly seeking revenge on General Hospital for months now and it is all about to come to a head very soon. While viewers are waiting for her identity to be revealed, they have watched her get closer than ever to Michael Corinthos. Unfortunately, he is the son of the person that she is about to destroy.

It seems that the writers of General Hospital are trying to pull these two together and many fans are eager to see if they would really work out romantically. Of course, that would all depend on who Nelle really turns out to be. According to spoilers by Soaps She Knows, Nelle will be pushing Michael away after they start to grow closer. That could mean a couple of things.

Nelle has been scheming to bring Carly Corinthos down by making her think that she and Sonny had slept together for one night. She put Sonny’s confession tape into an envelope addressed to Carly and dropped it off, as seen this week on General Hospital. It is just a matter of time before Carly gets an earful. Now that Nelle and Michael have been spending more time together, she may be feeling guilty about the whole thing involving his mother. She really does like Michael, so she could push him away before she gets sucked into a closer relationship with him.

Another scenario that has come up is that Nelle is actually a blood relative of Carly’s, possibly a half-sister or even her daughter. That would also make Michael related to Nelle, which could be the reason that she definitely doesn’t want to string him along.

Some speculations have even been swirling that Nelle is Michael’s twin sister. That may be unlikely at this point, but you just never know who she is going to turn out to be in relation to the Corinthos family. One thing is for sure, Michael’s grandmother, Bobbie, is set on finding out who she is and why she is out to destroy her daughter’s life.

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Bobbie and Felicia have been working together to find out the truth about Nelle Hayes. General Hospital spoilers say that they will somehow run upon some type of evidence that will reveal her identity. Will Bobbie recognize who she is? Nelle and Michael are currently snowed in at the cabin that they were supposed to fix up for Sonny and Carly. However, plans have changed with the weather conditions. With Nelle out of Port Charles, Bobbie and Felicia have ample opportunity to snoop around a bit more without having the little schemer lurking about.

More spoilers from Soap Central that is coming up for next week hints that Nelle’s past will finally be exposed and Bobbie will be giving her some advice. It could be that she tells her to get her booty out of town before Sonny has a chance to come after her. Once he finds out that she had plans to destroy his wife, he will be seeking his own revenge.

Soap Central also says that Ms. Hayes will try to escape out of Port Charles. Viewers saw that she had a passport in her purse, which indicates that she has made plans to leave soon. It is all about to go down and General Hospital viewers are ready to find out the truth about Nelle. Once Nelle’s story is out in the open, and if it turns out that she is not really related to Michael after all, those two could end up together. Michael has gotten to know Nelle pretty well and has started to have romantic feelings for her.

Would you like to eventually see a Michael and Nelle hook up? Take your best guess as to who this girl will turn out to be. Stay tuned to General Hospital this week and next to find out.

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