Lisa Vanderpump Blames Katie And James Kennedy’s Bad Behavior On Alcohol

Many fans of Vanderpump Rules watch the show and are entertained, but they can’t imagine how members of the cast keep returning and drinking heavily when they see their behavior after imbibing vast amounts of alcohol. Vanderpump Rules has always been the younger, hipper version of Real Housewives for Bravo, but now that the participants are well into their 30s, certain cast members look more like a cautionary tale or a cry for help as cast matron Lisa Vanderpump blames cast foibles on drink.

Although alcohol is so prevalent on Vanderpump Rules, certain people on the cast stick out even more than the rest as having problems with booze. Katie Maloney has been nicknamed by the cast as “Tequila Katie” when she drinks, becomes abusive, and texts other Vanderpump Rules cast members. James Kennedy, who has gotten booted by Lisa Vanderpump from her restaurants for drinking on the job and fighting (but not removed from the show, because it is good television), has also had legal problems. He was thrown off a flight from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, according to the Inquisitr, for showing up drunk and getting aggressive with Lala Kent.

The bachelor-bachelorette parties for Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney in New Orleans once again demonstrated the role that alcohol plays on Vanderpump Rules. But Too Fab says that the cast still has a defender in Lisa Vanderpump, the Fairy Godmother of the partiers. Vanderpump manages to see the good in everyone through the haze of tequila.


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Lisa Vanderpump, who is a producer on Vanderpump Rules, freely admits that Katie Maloney, 31, has better judgment when she is sober than when she is drunk.

“I see she’s endured a lot of criticism, and when I look at the footage – I’m a producer on that show as well – I think she’s made some mistakes that have been largely due to alcohol, and her decisions haven’t been as sound as when she’s sober.”

Fans on social media would say that is an understatement and have called out Maloney and her marriage endlessly on Twitter. But Vanderpump takes off the gloves when talking about James Kennedy, who was hired initially as a favor.

“He’s an obnoxious little t**t, but that’s when he’s drunk. When he’s sober, he’s actually quite a decent human being and somebody that I do have a lot of time for. But just like when he has a drink, fur grows on the inside of his palms. He literally turns into the devil. So I don’t have a lot of patience for that, and I kept kind of reminding him that drinking was unacceptable in the business, and he would think, ‘Well, if I don’t go to the bar, it wouldn’t really count.’ Like if customers bought him drinks, things like that. He has to grow up before he can come back, but I do have a lot of time for him.”

But the Tequila Katie texts have been a big part of Katie Maloney’s character on Vanderpump Rules, and via text, Maloney speaks angrily of those who accuse her of being an alcoholic, saying that she has started “pacing herself” and her drinking. But that didn’t stop her husband, Tom Schwartz, and his partner in crime, Tom Sandoval, from doing a re-enactment of just a few of the texts that Katie Maloney sent while drinking (watch the video here) during the engagement period. Maloney ranted to her fiance, Sandoval, girlfriend Ariana, and her bridesmaids, who, if you believe the texts, fell short in so many ways, says E! Online.

Schwartz and Sandoval say the texts they read are “classic Tequila Katie” drunk rage texts. The first is Maloney telling Schwartz what to do with the engagement ring.

“You might as well pawn it and start a new life.”

Both men admit that she is terrifying when drunk and suggest she becomes another person. Schwartz says he gets these texts weekly.

“He calls me an alcoholic, but I have been pacing myself. He [Schwartz] better be home on his knees, kissing my feet, sucking my toes. Sucking the toe jam from between my toes.”

Do you understand why fans of Vanderpump Rules react and post on social media about the excessive drinking of Katie Maloney and James Kennedy on a show where nearly everyone is drunk too?

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