‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor Iwan Rheon Is The Perfect Casting In Marvel’s Inhumans

Another Game of Thrones actor will be making the transition from the HBO hit series to Marvel television, as fan-favorite actor Iwan Rheon will be joining Inhumans. Marvel cast Rheon, who played the bloodthirsty Ramsay Bolton on Game of Thrones, as Maximus the Mad. He is the first character for Inhumans that Marvel has announced the casting for, as we can expect the other roles to fill up shortly, including Black Bolt, Medusa, and Crystal.

As the Marvel official website reported, the part of Maximus will be the lead role for the prominent Game of Thrones actor. It described the character in the series as “a clever and charming Inhuman that is fiercely devoted to the people of Attilan, especially his brother, the King – although he harbors an intense desire to wear the crown himself.”

“Iwan’s ability to be charming, roguish, and still completely unexpectedly dangerous were all the different sides we needed to bring the character to life. We’re thrilled to have him on board,” said Jeph Loeb, Head of Marvel Television. “Maximus is a complex character. Likeable, charming, tragic and villainous all in the same moment, and I’m very excited to have someone of Iwan’s considerable talent,” Scott Buck, the series’ showrunner added.

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Understanding the character of Maximus and looking at his performance as Bolton on Game of Thrones, Rheon might be as close to perfect of a casting choice to play the potential villain of Marvel’s Inhumans. Similarly to his Game of Thrones character, his new character is also a sadistic, wild, and sociopathic person with a mad desire for power.

In Marvel Comics, Maximus has taken the crown as king of the Inhumans on several occasions. Although he shows that he takes the wellbeing of the people to heart, though his methods are very different to his brother, the true king. He is one of the many among the Inhumans that feel that they are superior to humankind, thus trying to find clever ways to war against people on Earth.

Rheon is the third Game of Thrones alumni to join Marvel in one of their television shows. In the upcoming Iron Fist series on Netflix, there are two actors that we will see on the small screen that we have already seen interact with each other on Game of Thrones. Finn Jones, who is playing the title character in Danny Rand, played Loras Tyrell in Game of Thrones. He is co-starring alongside Jessica Henwick, who played Nymeria Sand.

One thing Marvel has done really well with both their movie and television properties is casting, and being able to secure agreements with a few alumni from a critically acclaimed show like Game of Thrones speaks highly to that ability.

We might not get the full serving of brutality and insanity that we saw from Rheon’s character in Game of Thrones, we will definitely see Maximus push the boundaries. Take away the torture and rape from Ramsay Bolton in Game of Thrones, and you have Maximus. Although they won’t match Game of Thrones in adult content, these shows will be a good source of variety within the shared cinematic universe.

Marvel’s Inhumans follows a species of super beings with diverse and unique powers, and live on the Earth’s moon after being chased away from the planet by humans. The first two episodes of the series will premiere exclusively in IMAX for two weeks during September 2017 before transitioning to cable television. The former Game of Thrones actor is a great casting for this new series, and will definitely attract fans to the show.

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