Kristen Doute On Feelings For Tom Sandoval And Jax Taylor, Future With Carter

Does Kristen Doute still have feelings for her ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval? Does she also still feel some sort of physical attraction to Jax Taylor? On Monday night, after the latest Vanderpump Rules episode aired, Kristen appeared on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live. During the after-show portion, a viewer called in and gave her opinion that Kristen is still “super involved” in Tom’s and Jax’s lives. The viewer asked Kristen whether her frequent involvement in the men’s lives is really because she still has feelings for them. The viewer further asked Kristen how her boyfriend, Brian Carter, feels about it.

Kristen, who looked confused then grimaced as the viewer asked her question, denied that she still has feelings for either Jax, with whom she had a physical fling with, or Tom, with whom she was in a relationship with for years. Kristen declared her boyfriend, who goes by Cater, to be her true mate in life and cheekily admitted that she just likes to get involved in everyone’s business.

“I’ve never had feelings in a positive way about Jax other than I think he’s hilarious and he’s my friend…no, Carter’s my ride or die. I just like to insert myself into everyone’s business.”

Kristen jokingly added that she just thinks she knows better.

Kristen also told Jax to “calm down” after he tweeted a criticism of her after she gave her opinion during the talk show that Jax has probably cheated on his girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright. When Kristen was asked whether she thinks Jax has cheated on Brittany, Kristen squirmed and said that he might have.

“Maybe? I don’t know. I’ve always said no but I just…I hope not, I really, really hope not.”

Jax, who was apparently watching the show, tweeted off a response. Jax said that Kristen likes to deflect to get bad attention off herself.

Despite what Kristen said, Brittany remained classy. Brittany tweeted that Kristen looked gorgeous.

As viewers saw in an early Vanderpump Rules episode this season, Kristen Doute was actually the subject of a major fight between Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright. Jax claimed that he walked in on Kristen performing oral sex on Brittany one night, a claim that Brittany vehemently denied. As the Inquisitr reported, Kristen also issued a swift denial to Jax’s claim when the episode aired.

As for her future with Carter, Kristen, during Watch What Happens Live, revealed that they have talked about marriage. She pointed out that she’s getting to the age where marriage is a consideration.

“Marriage plans yes, wedding plans no. I think we’re just like, we’re only a year and a half in and we have two dogs so it’s like a lot of…you know, in due time. I’m not getting any younger, I just turned 34…”

Brian Carter was actually in the audience for the taping. He nodded as Kristen talked about their plans for the future. Andy asked Carter if he has seen earlier episodes of the show. Carter said that he tried to refrain from watching the so that he can keep an open mind.

While Carter’s presence has mostly been minimal on the current season of Vanderpump Rules, he played a bigger role on Monday night’s episode when he, during Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney’s joint bachelor and bachelorette party trip, confronted Tom, who was in drag, about whether he had sex with a woman while in Las Vegas years ago during his relationship with Katie. Tom maintained that he only made out with the woman and didn’t sleep with her. When Tom Sandoval, also in drag, lashed out at Carter for the questions, Carter spat back that he looked like the singer Sia. Both Toms blamed Kristen for spreading rumors. Jax Taylor, meanwhile, hid out in his hotel room as he didn’t want to get involved.

A preview for next week’s Vanderpump Rules episode shows that viewers will see Kristen Doute in yet another heated confrontation with Tom Sandoval. Kristen lashes out at Tom for talking badly about her to Brian Carter and predicting the end of their relationship. Kristen says that Carter knows everything about her past. She then admits that she repeatedly cheated on Tom during their relationship.

“I f**ked a ton of guys behind your back. I cheated on you. I did!

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