Christina El Moussa Reveals Painful Times With Tarek Prior To Their Separation

Christina El Moussa has been silent since news broke that she was separated from husband and Flip or Flop co-star Tarek El Moussa. The news was leaked in December, and the couple released a joint statement at the time confirming they had been separated since May of 2016. There was an incident that occurred where the police got involved, and that was the point of no return for El Moussa. While it hasn’t been easy, things have started to finally feel normal for Christina.

This morning, Christina El Moussa opened up on Good Morning America. It was her first time speaking publicly about the last year of her life. El Moussa went from having to keep this huge secret to finally being able to live in the real world. After months of keeping their separation secret, Christina and Tarek El Moussa finally confessed, and things began to change for the former couple. According to People, Christina El Moussa admitted to having marital issues before the incident that happened last May. The couple had gone through a lot from 2014 to 2016, much of which was never publicized.

There was a shocking revelation that while Tarek El Moussa was being treated for thyroid cancer, Christina El Moussa was struggling to get pregnant through IVF. She revealed that she suffered a miscarriage during that time, which likely caused a strain in the marriage. Things aren’t easy when a couple goes through a traumatic event, and this couple was going through a lot all at once. El Moussa talked about things deteriorating from there, and at one point, she admitted they wouldn’t even drive to film Flip or Flop together.

Flip or Flop fans were shocked to learn that Christina and Tarek El Moussa had been separated for several months before it was revealed. They were able to put on a show for the public, even being seen out with their children. El Moussa was able to film with her estranged husband without issue, and they were shocked to learn HGTV was likely not going to renew their show despite good ratings. Rumors have been circulating that Christina is shopping around a solo project, and she alluded to new endeavors during her appearance on Good Morning America. There wasn’t a confirmation on what she was going to be doing, but she did mention that she plans to still work with Tarek in some capacity.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much talk about Christina El Moussa’s private life. She mentioned that she doesn’t discuss things like that with Tarek El Moussa, but that she wishes him the best. Christina is dating Gary Anderson, the man who was once the contractor the family used on Flip or Flop. Rumors that the blow up in May was ignited by texts Tarek found from Anderson on Christina’s phone have circulated, but there has been no comment on any of that. She is remaining positive and gave her soon-to-be ex-husband nothing but praise as she described their desire to co-parent amicably. Things seem to be working out and the former couple has returned to work to finish filming the remaining episodes of Flip or Flop.

In the blink of an eye, Christina El Moussa’s life changed. She went from being married and having a picture-perfect family life to having everything turned upside down. Between Tarek El Moussa and his cancer diagnosis and Christina having a miscarriage, the tensions were high and the breakdown of their marriage was almost inevitable. After hearing Christina El Moussa speak about her life and how much things have changed in almost a year, fans have more compassion for the couple than they did before.

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