WWE News: The Rock Calls CM Punk Live In The Ring After WWE RAW, Punk Responds

The Rock is known for pulling pranks and putting people on the spot for fun, but perhaps one of the best things he’s ever done happened last night when called CM Punk live in the ring after WWE RAW went off the air. The Rock happened to be in Los Angeles at The Staples Center due to a production he is part of called Fighting with My Family, which is a story about WWE Superstar Paige and her infamous family from The UK called The Knight Family.

The Rock is actually part of the film, but is mostly a behind-the-scenes person this time as his production company called Seven Bucks Productions is helping to head up the project. They are joined by WWE Studios, which is why WWE allowed the production use a lot of WWE copyrighted material, including the themes of both AJ Lee and Paige for the RAW segment they did last night.

They were recreating Paige’s debut on WWE RAW when she beat AJ Lee for the WWE Diva’s Championship to shock the world. She became the youngest champion in the history of WWE at the time and would go on to have great success on the main roster after having a killer time down in WWE NXT as the inaugural NXT Women’s Champion. The Rock wanted to warm the crowd back up after RAW ended due to them just coming off of a three hour RAW.

This meant he had to do something that would get love from the crowd. What did The Great One do? He actually called Phil Brooks, known to WWE fans as CM Punk. He would not end up getting the Straight Edge Superstar, but he did get his voicemail. This allowed The Rock to leave one of the greatest voicemails one could get.

He would tell Punk that he was live, in the middle of the ring in Staples Center and that what he was doing was not a rib(joke) and asked LA to say hi, which they did. Obviously this was unplanned and done after WWE RAW went off the air, but the video of him doing this went viral, and obviously CM Punk saw all of this and had to respond to it.

This led CM Punk to respond on Twitter, where he said the following.

“Thanks Los Angeles. Nice to hear from you.

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He was busy at the time when The Rock called, which was why he was unable to take the phone call. He mentioned he “was walking Larry” at the time, seeing that it was his birthday according to Punk. Of course, it was a bit late in Chicago anyway, so it would make sense to miss a call. However, many wonder what would have happened if he actually answered the phone.

While we may never truly know what would have happened, it was probably interesting backstage when The Rock returned there to watch his production take place. They would actually film a recreation of the Paige/AJ Lee encounter in full for the movie, which will be fun to see because this is a moment many WWE fans still remember.

They had the entire segment play out from the promo to the full match, which did have to include a stunt double at one point as this is acting after all. This production started pretty quick and casting got going in a fast fashion too. This meant that there was not enough time to teach everyone how to wrestle a great deal. However, we will see the girl playing Paige in Florence Pugh wrestle in the movie.

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Regarding CM Punk, many will start to assume a WWE comeback may come from this like always. People look for any sign they possibly have to see a possible comeback take place. However, CM Punk is under UFC contract, and even if he wanted to, this contract prevents him from going back to WWE. The Rock was obviously playing a nice prank on Punk, and that was all there is to it.

While seeing CM Punk make a return would be ideal for every WWE fan, as he was one of the best WWE Superstars of all time, he’s not interested. Most would rather see CM Punk come back when he wants to be there, and if he does not want to then his work will suffer due to it, and we won’t see the man we all loved. The Rock still has an itch to be with WWE, which is why he makes fun returns all the time. We should probably invest more time in the people here than former stars.

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