Why Kim Kardashian Deleted Her Instagram Photo?

Kim Kardashian has had her fair share of controversy over the past few months which caused her to shy from social media. Her comeback was so eagerly awaited that when she deletes a photo it raises suspicion.

Kim recently deleted an Instagram photo in which she was relaxing on a sofa while clad in fur. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star did not reveal the reason why she deleted the snap but the fact that she did it raised concerns about her still being social media-shy since her sabbatical after being robbed in Paris.

Kim follows up with a sexy post on Snapchat

The reality star posted another social media snap not long after deleting the Instagram photo in which she was lounging while dressed in fur. She showed off her famous derriere in the Snapchat photo but she wore a pair of velour pants with the word “Daddy” written on them. The 36-year-old also shared a Snapchat photo of boxes of Yeezy shoes. The shoes are from her husband Kanye West’s Season 5 partnership with Adidas. The photo highlighted one pair that was perched on top of a box while the rest of the boxes occupied an entire wall.

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Kim has become more active on social media

The fact that Kim deleted the recent snap posted on Monday definitely raises questions and a bit of worry that she might be planning to get off social media. However, things seem to be back to normal, and she has recently been very active on social media. The reality star even shared a Snapchat video about her cosmetic treatment to make her belly button look like it did before she got pregnant.

Kim is therefore not afraid to post personal content on social media, and the fact that she has posted more content after deleting the specific Instagram snap means she will still be active. She has her own reasons for pulling down the post, perhaps because she did not like something about it. This is reassuring to her fans who missed her dearly when she went social media silent for about three months. However, this was because she was dealing with a lot back then.

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The reality star had been robbed at gunpoint and the ordeal left her traumatized, hence she needed time to recover.

“It was such an upsetting time and something so awful happened to somebody you love so much,” Kris Jenner stated during an interview on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Speaking of photos and the Paris robbery, the French media has reportedly released the first photos of the crime scene. The photos were released by French network TFI, and they were supposedly taken in the same hotel where Kim was gagged and robbed. This includes the bedroom, bathroom, and even the plastic ties as well as the duct tape that was used by the robbers.

The French network also shared surveillance video showing the suspects of the robbery. This comes weeks after ongoing investigations over the matter. The French authorities charged 10 individuals in connection with Kim’s robbery in Paris earlier in January. One of the suspects named Aomar Ait Kihedache reportedly confessed to the crime, according to reports by a French newspaper. Kim even traveled to New York a few weeks ago where she met up with a French judge to discuss as well as issue testimony against the robbers.

Kim is closer to getting justice after the Paris incident but more importantly, she has been working hard to get over that dark past. Kim resuming her social media activity with constant posts is an indicator that she has been making good progress.

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