Paris Hilton Has Wardrobe Malfunction At Hollywood Beauty Awards

Paris Hilton stunned and showed off her body in her outfit on the red carpet at the Hollywood Beauty Awards. The outfit that looks sophisticated was a little bit difficult for the star to move around in. She had to readjust herself numerously as her dress had a neckline that scooped enough to show her breasts. The dress, however, did not look well fitted as depending on the angle more of her breast was revealed. She was very coy when fixing herself by either smiling or giggling as she sorted herself out.

She then had another malfunction with the gorgeous dress whereby her silver heel got caught in her dress. The thigh high slit dress had a train and unfortunately for Paris, she slightly tripped.

The former reality star managed to gather her look together and looked stunning from head to toe in her silver sparkling gown that she matched with diamonds and a shiny clutch.

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Paris Wins Big!

Paris had a great night despite the wardrobe malfunctions as she won Fragrance Of The Year for her perfume Gold Rush. She thanked her fans for their support and love on her Instagram and added that she was proud and honored.

Fox News interviewed Paris and she revealed that she had been partying less and less as she has to wake up early and go to work. She explained that her priorities had changed and that she was being more responsible as opposed to when she would party all the time.

Her 21st fragrance was recently launched, Gold Rush Man, the cohort to award winning Gold Rush; she has described the fragrance as sophisticated. Her family has been a really big part of her growth in terms of business. She mentioned that her grandfather and father were mentors to her and she looked up to them.

“Just getting advice from my family and growing up with a business mindset, I think that’s what really made me the woman I am today and the entrepreneur that I’ve become.”

Her perfume empire that she has successfully been running for 12 years have managed to sell annually at a whopping $200 million dollars, thus a $ 2 billion empire. The entrepreneur has other businesses such as boutiques around the world as well as makeup lines to accessories to children’s clothing. She has become a busy bee compared to her days on Simple Life. She is estimated to be worth more than $ 100 million dollars but that isn’t stopping her from being a hardworking businesswoman. The beauty has said that she is also interested in being involved in real estate as well as getting into the tech industry. Like her friend Kim Kardashian, she is interested in getting involved in apps as well as virtual reality.

Meet Paris’ new man

The hotel heiress is no longer single and has shown off her new man, Chris Zylka. The two recently debuted on her Instagram with not one but several photos after her birthday.

Chris is an actor on the show The Leftovers, a drama about the disappearance of a percentage of people around the world and how those that remain to cope with the unexplained event.

She showed off her new man before showing him off on the red carpet and had sweet captions along with the posts. Such as “Live.Love.Sparkle” as well as “The best feeling is when someone looks at you like you are magic.”

During her 36th birthday, he gave her a birthday cake as seen on her Instagram and she gushed as the crowd sang her the “Birthday Song.” She shared pictures of herself with other stars such as Keyshia Cole as well as a couple photos with Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson.

While it’s unclear how long the two have been seeing each other, the two look very happy together.

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