WWE News: Superstar Used To Hide Backstage To Avoid Having To Wrestle

Just about anyone you ask in the world of professional wrestling will say that the ultimate goal in your career is to make it into WWE. Sometimes, superstars will make it there once, twice, or even more times throughout their life. Well, a story has now come out that there was one very popular superstar who actually used to hide backstage when agents and writers came looking for him, and it was so he wouldn’t have to get in the ring and wrestle/work.

Curt Hawkins has been a wrestler since 2004 and in 2006, he received his first opportunity with WWE. By the time 2007 rolled around, he had been called up to the main roster and was in a rather successful tag team with Zack Ryder and they were associated with WWE Hall of Famer Edge.

There came a time when he and WWE parted ways, but he is back now and proud of what he does for a living. That’s why it is so interesting that he shared a unique story of JTG who was a member of the very popular tag team Cryme Tyme years ago.

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Hawkins recently spoke with the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, and he discussed a number of topics regarding his career and the careers of others. One of those he mentioned is JTG who is a former WWE superstar who wrestled with Shad Gaspard as a member of Cryme Tyme.

As transcribed by Wrestling Inc., Hawkins actually told an interesting and rather sad story regarding JTG and how he used to hide backstage to avoid having to wrestle.

“We used to bust balls, like, JTG would literally hide in the locker room and just not want to… for him to be there and get his $500.00 for the day to do nothing and eat catering, and hide in the locker room is perfectly fine to him. I understand it and I don’t. People get checked out, I think. And I refuse to ever be checked out. It’s like, you could give me the worst situation, but as long as it’s a match or something or anything on television, I’d do anything. If you tell me I’m on the show, I’m going to go out there and do whatever you tell me to the best of my abilities. I would never not want to participate.”

Now, $500 to just show up backstage at a WWE event and not do anything is a lot of money for a pretty cool position. The thing is, why work to be a professional wrestler if you’re not even going to want to head out to the ring and perform?

Hawkins couldn’t quite understand it himself and he has been through a lot during his career. Back in 2014, he was even fired by WWE, but he never chose to be bitter or hold anything against the company because he loves what he does for a living. Now, he’s back with WWE and doing more than he ever has before.

“For sure, the busiest I’ve ever been in the business, like, comparable to the Edge run that I had, but I’d say even more busy because of the schedule. And I know sometimes it may not seem like it because I’m not on every episode of SmackDown, but I’m always there. Almost always at least do the dark match or Main Event when that was still a SmackDown obligation. And then, I’m on the road Saturday, Sunday, Monday at live events wrestling, so I’m constantly doing something even though a lot of fans are like, ‘where are you? Wah!’ because they only watch SmackDown, but if you’re hitting the live events, you’re seeing me. I’m doing my thing, so I’m very, very busy”

Considering he was in a tag team with Zack Ryder, holding the WWE Tag Team Championship, aligned with Edge, and part of the La Familia stable; it says a lot for him to state he is busier now than he was then.

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Being a professional wrestler is a dream for so many people and the majority of them will never have the chance to ever step foot in a ring. Curt Hawkins takes nothing for granted and is appreciative of everything he has and all he has worked so hard to achieve.

Maybe, JTG does indeed love the business, but it is just odd that he would hide from it.

Curt Hawkins is currently in his second stint in WWE and he says that even though he is hardly used on television, he’s the busiest he has ever been. It is obvious that Hawkins loves the sport of professional wrestling and will always do what he’s told because he has made it. The fact that JTG of Cryme Tyme used to hide when it was time for him to work goes to show you that maybe he never truly wanted to do it at all.

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