Trump Websites: Trump Organization’s 3,736 Domains Include ‘Donald Trump Sucks’

President Donald Trump owns a plethora of domain names, most of them with “Trump” in the dot com — or dot something, as it were — URL address. According to CNN, Mr. Trump has a bunch of websites owned through the Trump Organization, with at least 3,643 website domains bought prior to Mr. Trump running for the presidency — and 93 more of them purchased after President Trump launched his winning presidential campaign.

A search for all the of websites indexed by Google, as reported by Who.Is, which have Trump Organization listed in the website’s registrar information, turns up some of Mr. Trump’s failed business ventures in the domain names. There’s, which redirects to’s page about Trump Tower Mumbai.

Then there’s, which redirects to The website redirects to another page about Trump’s real estate portfolio. The website doesn’t redirect anywhere, but to a parked domain name with ads filling the page.

The website is one of those websites that’s up for offer via Go Daddy’s auction website. The “Domain Buy Service” says that could be available for sale for $69.99 plus commission, without knowing just how much that “commission” amount would be. As explained by Go Daddy, anyone wanting to buy the website would have to contact one of their personal domain brokers — who would in turn contact the current owner (the Trump Organization) — to discover if they are willing to sell the site. No doubt caution would be advised for anyone wanting to purchase that “Donald Trump sucks” website and fill it with any anti-Trump rhetoric, because a litigious response would likely follow.

“How does this work? One of our personal domain brokers will contact the current owner to see if he or she is willing to sell the domain name you want. We’ll do all we can to get the name at the lowest possible price for you. The Domain Buy Service fees do not include the cost of the domain name.”

The domain reroutes to the TRUMP CARD Privileges Program, on the website.

The website is also possibly for sale via Go Daddy, as is the website, according to the dot com retailer.

The website appears to be a hub for all of Trump’s endeavors.

The website appears for sale.

The website mysteriously leads to

The is likely related to Trump’s failed Baja condo resort, one that left those who bought into the Baja idea of luxury weekend jaunts at the condo towers feeling betrayed, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The leads to

The website redirects to

The redirects to, which is “Success by Trump,” a collection of aftershave, deodorant, eau de toilette and colognes with Trump’s name on them. On Amazon, the scent has received pretty good reviews by customers.

The website leads to

The website reroutes to The company was related to Trump’s vitamins, according to the Daily Beast, a venture enacted by Mr. Trump as the late 2000s transitioned to the early 2010s.

The domain name appears for sale.

The website reroutes to a Trump events page for Trump Tower New York.

The website could not be reached.

The website appears to have a bunch of models.

Interestingly, also appears for sale.

Other websites registered by the Trump Organization, according to Who.Is, include,,,,,, and

Then there’s,,,,, — which reroutes to Melania Trump’s Facebook page — and, which reroutes to Wollman Skating Rink.

There’s,,,, (which leads to Trump’s Golf Club website).

Wrapping it up in terms of available website information via the Who.Is Google indexed data, there’s,, — the famous, and the lesser known

According to CNN, was originally owned by Luis Jorge O’Brien Covarrubias — who bought it for $10 in April 2015 — but didn’t realize Trump had purchased it in June 2016.

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