Dark Cloud Over Tori Spelling Shower Celebrating 5th Baby At Hotel Bel-Air

Now pregnant with her fifth child with Dean McDermott, Tori Spelling is having a lavish, over the top baby shower at the Hotel Bel-Air, but McDermott will soon be in court, because he owes thousands in back child support for his first child Jack McDermott, with Mary Jo Eustace. Eustace is said to be disgusted that $40k is being thrown on a baby shower when McDermott hasn’t paid his child support, and has allegedly dodged other creditors to lead a celebrity lifestyle.

Over the last few years, Tori Spelling has done odd things for money, including a show in which she was hooked up to a polygraph machine, and asked questions about her time on Beverly Hills 90210, and which cast members she had sex with, according to a previous report by the Inquisitr. Spelling and McDermott have done little acting, but instead, have focused on television and books which expose the secrets of others, and autobiographical tales of their own struggles, including infidelities.

But Dean McDermott’s ex, Mary Jo Eustace knows all about the infidelities, because she was married to McDermott when he met, and started having an affair with Tori Spelling, says PageSix. And since that time, Eustace has watched as McDermott and Spelling buy and sell houses, and live a celebrity lifestyle while she and son Jack get stiffed for child support. But Eustace says that she will see McDermott next month in court, where he will answer for his lack of child support payments.


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According to Eustace, McDermott is supposed to be paying monthly child support, and he hasn’t, yet they are having a $40k party for a fifth child. The party for 50 people at Hotel Bel-Air was said to be thrown by Tori Spelling’s mother, Candy Spelling. But Eustace, who was married to Dean McDermott from 1993-2006, says that it is hard to believe when Spelling and McDermott cry poverty, that they have such an expensive party for a fifth baby who has not yet been born.

Eustace said that McDermott will have to face her on March 9th in Los Angeles Superior Court at 8:30?a.m.

It is well-known that Tori Spelling is the daughter of famed producer Aaron Spelling who was responsible for such shows as Love Boat, Fantasy Island, and Beverly Hills, 90210, and that his widow, Candy, is worth something like $600 million, but it seems that Tori Spelling was stiffed in Aaron Spelling’s will, says FoxNews.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have reportedly been sued by American Express for $87k, and have also been hit with a tax lien of $259,108 from unpaid taxes of 2014. Spelling has written a few books, including Spelling It Like It Is, where she shared with her fans that she and McDermott have had various financial struggles in an attempt to be relatable.

“It was one chapter. I thought I was being relatable, talking about how celebrities go through financial struggles, too, we make mistakes, too.”

Spelling included all of the “behind the scenes” of her reality show with Dean McDermott, and how they handle life with four children. But Mary Jo Eustace sees all of it as a poke in the eye, as no money seems to go towards Jack, who just turned 18.

Do you think that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott should first address their financial responsibilities before have lavish parties?

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