‘Cash Me Ousside’: Danielle Bregoli Declares War On The Kardashians


It’s already pretty clear that Danielle Bregoli has no filter and will say whatever it takes to get people talking. The Dr. Phil project has become a household name because of her bad behavior and her new catchphrase, “Cash me ousside! How bow dah?” Now, the 13-year-old Bregoli has possibly taken her bad girl act too far after she decided to start a feud with the entire Kardashian family.

Bregoli already has been banned from one airline after proving that her bad attitude is way more than an act. Danielle can never fly on Spirit Airlines again after a brawl earlier this month. So while she was getting ready to board a flight at LAX and spewing some anti-Kardashian venom, it’s safe to say she was flying with another airline.

According to TMZ, the “Cash Me Ousside” girl took aim at the Kardashians, starting with Kylie Jenner first. Bregoli took aim at the youngest sister’s recently evolving body and face.

“It seems like she wants attention so bad, like lil’ b****h would do anything.”

That sounds like someone else Dr. Phil viewers have recently been paying attention to. Could it be that Bregoli hates Kylie Jenner because they have something in common?

“How do you go from f**kin’ lips the size of a twig, and a body that looks like a f**kin’ paperclip, and now you look like an hourglass?” Bregoli asked during an interview with Power 106.

In case Kylie had a problem with what Danielle Bregoli had to say about her, the “Cash Me Ousside” girl offered up a challenge to fight.

“B***h come meet me at the Roosevelt. Wassup? I’m right here.”

After hearing the shocking interview, Bregoli was spotted at LAX on Sunday. When approached by cameras, the Florida bad girl more than doubled down on her offer to fight Kylie Jenner.

“Who she gonna come back at? B***h, I ain’t scared of her,” the 13-year-old shrieked after she was asked about whether Kylie might come after her. “B***h I’ll whoop every Kardashian a** there is!”

Bregoli reportedly listed each of the Kardashian women, talking a ridiculous amount of trash about each of the reality stars. When she got to Kim, Danielle was especially mean, claiming that the only reason she was famous was due to the Ray J sex tape.

Danielle Bregoli has a history of taking on way more than she can handle, except that she thinks she can handle it. Kind of like the time when she challenged the entire Dr. Phil audience to fight her. Instead of actually fighting anyone, the barely-teenager ended up getting famous.

After returning to face Dr. Phil again, the troubled teenager told the TV show host that she was responsible for making him famous “just like Oprah,” she quipped.

The “Cash Me Ousside” girl is also looking at a legal battle with the underwear giant Hanesbrands Inc. After unveiling her new line of clothing and other things (like a $250 blanket with her face on it), Hanes issued a warning to Bregoli to back off their trademarks. They gave her one week to stop using the trademarked “C” from the Champion brand line of sportswear that she had borrowed to use as her own.

Based on Danielle Bregoli’s Instagram and a few pictures she has posted recently, she has ignored the cease and desist order. The allegedly ripped off “C” can be seen in this picture right here.

Danielle Bregoli’s rise to fame has been shocking, to say the least. Those who follow the 13-year-old Dr. Phil/em> dropout seem to be both shocked and unable to stop looking. The “Cash Me Ousside” girl’s recent offer to fight all of the Kardashians would be pretty interesting but it’s safe to say that they will pass. For starters, they’re obviously busy spending their tons of money, something that Danielle has admitted she doesn’t have yet. Not to mention that Bregoli is still underage and none of them are so if any of the Kardashians even try to avenge their good name against Bregoli, it would be a legal nightmare.

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