‘Little Women: LA’ Returns With Plenty Of Drama And Exciting New Additions

Last season on Little Women: LA, several of the cast members were expecting babies, and most of them delivered their little bundles of joy before the season finale. The arrival of a new baby is always a fun but stressful time, and with so many of the women busy adjusting to their new family dynamics, perhaps there will be a lot less drama between them on the new season of Little Women: LA.


Brianna Renee was the first to bring home her little bundle of joy, followed by Elena Gant, and then Terra Jole. Jasmine Arteaga Sorge recently had her baby as well, but at this time any information on the baby’s gender or name is being kept under wraps until the show airs. Toward the end of last season, Terra decided to participate as a contestant on Season 23 of Dancing with the Stars, even though she had recently given birth to her son.

Fans of Little Women: LA would have noticed if they watched Terra Jole’s performances on DWTS that several of her friends, including Tonya Banks, were present to cheer her on. Even though she had the support of her friends, a sneak-peek clip of the new season of Little Women: LA reveals that the women are still having major disagreements. Everyone seems to be talking about Terra and her stint on Dancing with the Stars. Several of the women feel like she’s never around anymore and that she’s completely changed. When Elena confronts her while she’s at practice for DWTS, Terra asks her to leave.

Terra and her DWTS professional partner, Sasha Farber, received two perfect scores during the competition but were eliminated in Week 10 and they finished in fifth place overall. Jole has had a very busy year and even with plenty of help and support raising their two children, daughter Penny, and son, Grayson (or D’Artagnan as Jole calls him) from husband Joe Gnoffo, she never seems to slow down. She isn’t just part of the cast, but serves as executive producer of both Lifetime shows Little Women: LA and Terra’s Little Family.

She has made several appearances in other film and television projects, and last year Terra released a children’s album titled Penny’s Playlist, which she dedicated to her daughter. Jole is also passionate about animal rescue, and recently posted to her Facebook page that next month she will be part of a Bingo Night fundraiser for the Forte Animal Rescue organization.

Although Briana had serious complications during her pregnancy with son Maverick, Bustle noted that she now seems to be happily settled into family life with her husband, Matt. For the most part, she has been able to put Little Women: LA’s previous drama behind her, and to focus on what’s most important in her life at this time. She does express some concerns about her relationship with Terra during the clip, but it remains to be seen if there anything arises that could cause further complications between the two women.

Elena Gant gave birth to twin sons, Xavier and Kairo, during Little Women: LA’s previous season. She also launched her limited edition collaboration with Morphe called The Little Palette, which is a line of eye shadows. According to People, Gant explained that if her sons have a form of dwarfism (her husband, actor Preston Gant is average size), she’s ready to teach her boys how to handle growing up in a world where they are seen as different.

“I’ll tell them that no matter what reaction other people give them, ‘This is you,’ ” says Gant. “Yes, they’ll have to have bulletproof vests, but those stereotypes have nothing to do with real life. And if they do get their hearts broken, they can come and talk to us, because Mommy and Daddy will always understand.”

Jasmine recently had her second child with husband, Chris, and the couple has a 3-year-old son, Mason. Career-wise, she stays busy as a hairstylist while Chris is a stay-at-home dad. Fans will undoubtedly get to see their newest member of the family arrive on the new season of Little Women: LA.


Last season on Little Women: LA, Terra and best friend Tonya clashed over how Terra handled giving some constructive criticism to Tonya regarding her active wear line. Fortunately, they were able to resolve the issue and put it behind them. Tonya and Kerwin decided it was time to move in together and despite some rough patches early on, they seem to be adjusting to the changes. Tonya enjoys supporting organizations such as the Special Needs Network and educating the public about dwarfism.

Fans of Little Women: LA spotted her wearing an eye patch when she was seen supporting Terra on DWTS, and they also noticed that her mouth didn’t look normal. Banks revealed that she had Bell’s palsy, which is a weakness of the muscles usually on one side of the face. Symptoms can appear suddenly and are usually the result of a viral infection, but most cases completely resolve within three to six months. When fans learned of her condition, they sent out plenty of best wishes and prayers for the Little Women: LA star.

The previous season of Little Women: LA was a rough one for Christy Gibel after she tried several times to make amends for her previous actions. She was finally able to work out a fragile agreement with Brianna and Terra so that they could at least be in the same place together without fighting all the time, but as for once again becoming close friends, it definitely doesn’t seem to be a possibility anytime soon. Christy had a lot on her plate last season on Little Women: LA, with her father facing cancer and her daughter, Autumn, having health issues of her own, and the stress was at times overwhelming. Hopefully, the issues facing Christy have been resolved to some degree, and perhaps she will be able to enjoy a calmer season on Little Women: LA.

Based on experience, this group of vibrant, opinionated, and intelligent women will continue to push boundaries and create a lot of drama on Little Women: LA. There’s never a dull moment, and Season 6 of Little Women: LA promises to be no different.

Are you a fan of Little Women: LA? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. Little Women: LA premieres on Tuesday, February 28 at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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