Jinger Duggar Allegedly Causes ‘Counting On’ Ratings To Drop

Jinger Duggar has been the primary focus of this season of Counting On. It isn’t surprising because much of the footage for this season was shot back in the fall before her wedding. Duggar married Jeremy Vuolo in November, and their wedding was the season finale. Because fans didn’t get to see the events leading up to the wedding, TLC decided to air them during the next season and also compile a wedding special which will show the nuptials again.

While there has been plenty of hype about the new episodes of Counting On, the ratings aren’t telling the same story. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jinger Duggar is causing the show to drop in ratings. This is troublesome to viewers who had high hopes the show would remain on the air for quite some time. The Duggar family has already made concessions about Josh Duggar not being filmed and now, the ratings are dropping. Some fans have taken to social media to complain about the Jinger Duggar focus this season, but the majority of comments have been positive.

It seems that Jinger Duggar is more private than her sisters, opting to move away from the Duggar family home and begin a new life several hours away. She has said that she wants to enjoy married life and it is unclear whether or not she is allowing the Counting On cameras to film her in Texas where she currently lives with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo. Things are going well for the newlyweds and reports have indicated that Jinger is fitting in well with the people down there. Fans are anxious to find out how she has been doing since getting married and learn more about the honeymoon she took with Vuolo in Australia.

Because this season has been focused on Jinger Duggar, Counting On fans believe that she may be getting ready to make a pregnancy announcement. Rumors have been circulating since she walked down the aisle and now that it has been a few months since they have taken their vows, the possibility of a baby on the way is likely. Both Jessa and Jill Duggar got pregnant almost immediately following their wedding. Jessa just welcomed her second child while Jill will be welcoming her second child this summer. Duggar has not dropped any hints about whether or not she is expecting, but she has been out of the spotlight for the most part over the last three months.

Some fans are a little disappointed that there hasn’t been more shown with Joy-Anna Duggar courting Austin Forsyth. The two attended Jinger and Jeremy’s wedding as a couple, which means they had to be courting before that. While the focus on Jinger Duggar isn’t terrible, it definitely has fans missing some of the other family members. With so much going on with the family, it is hard to make sure everyone is included. Joy-Anna’s courtship was promised to be featured this season of Counting On, and so far, there hasn’t been anything worth talking about seen.

The ratings drop may not solely fall on Jinger Duggar, especially if fans are voicing they are upset over other reasons. Counting On is set to focus on the older Duggar children, and once Joy-Anna is married off, there isn’t much going on with the kids. Fans are expecting some announcement to be made at the end of the season concerning either Jinger being pregnant or Joy-Anna being engaged. The Duggar family likes to do things big and keep fans guessing, and this time, it may just backfire and cause the show’s future to be in danger of cancellation.

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