TWICE Snaps K-Pop 24-Hour Record With ‘Knock Knock’ But BTS Says ‘Not Today’

Earlier this week, it was reported that BTS broke all kinds of records about K-pop on YouTube with “Spring Day.” For starters, it broke the record for the most views in its first 24 hours, a record they already held with their featured titled track song off of WINGS, “Blood, Sweat & Tears.” Second, they broke the record for the fastest time to reach 10 million views, a record previously held by Twice with “TT.”

K-pop fans, especially A.R.M.Y. — the official fan club of BTS — congratulated and celebrated the accomplishment the popular seven-member boy band formed under Big Hit Entertainment accomplished. However, there was the possibility that they would not hold onto the record for long as Twice also had their first K-pop comeback of 2017 just after BTS with TWICEcoaster: LANE 2 and its featured title track song “Knock Knock.”

Reportedly, Twice did just that with “Knock Knock” as they overtook “Spring Day” by BTS for the most views for a K-pop music video by a band or group in the first 24 hours of its release. However, BTS literally said “Not Today” as the music video for their second featured title track song “Not Today” overtook “Knock Knock” just mere minutes after the latter earned the record.

Twice made their first comeback for 2017 with a continuation of their last comeback titled ‘TWICEcoaster: LANE 2’ featuring title track song ‘Knock Knock.’ [Image by JYP Entertainment/Twice’s Official Daum Cafe]

“Knock Knock” by Twice released on February 20 at exactly midnight KST. According to AllKpop, the title track song by the popular nine-member girl group formed under JYP Entertainment or the JYP Nation accumulated 9.8 million views within its first 24 hours. Those keeping track of K-pop records on YouTube took note that “Knock Knock” was over “Spring Day” by BTS By 400,000 views. It was like 2016 again when BTS earned YouTube records with “Blood, Sweat & Tears” just for Twice to set the new record with “TT.”

Either it be by happenstance or a plan by both BTS and Big Hit Entertainment, Twice only held onto the record for a mere couple of minutes. BTS’s second title track song off of You Never Walk Alone titled “Not Today” overtook “Knock Knock” with 10.9 million views, a whooping 1.1 million views more. There is some chatter among K-pop fans that BTS “planned” this by delaying the release of “Not Today” by 30 minutes on YouTube but what is done is done. As was written earlier, BTS literally said “Not Today” with “Not Today.”

BTS is dominating the K-pop scene presently with the re-release of their ‘WINGS’ full-length studio album, ‘You Never Walk Alone.’ [Image by Big Hit Entertainment/BTS Official Daum Cafe]

Collectively, BTS is breaking other K-pop YouTube records too. “Spring Day” broke the record for a K-pop group or band to reach the 10 million, 20 million, and 30 million views milestones originally held by “TT” by Twice. “Knock Knock” by Twice was able to get back the 10 million view milestone by BTS, but their song “Not Today” (music video attached below) took it back.

Still, both K-pop acts should be proud of the records they are setting as it shows just how strong the fandoms are. Even other K-pop fans of other fandoms, including Red Velvet fans (they still don’t have a fandom name), A.R.M.Y. and Once, have pitched in to support each other. And for the K-pop fans who are more competitive than cooperative, the “war” surely benefited BTS, Twice and their respective entertainment agencies and labels. If they monetized the views on YouTube, than they are making $1 per 25 views. That means in 24 hours, BTS and Big Hit Entertainment made about $400,000 each for “Spring Day” and “Not Today” within the first 24 hours of their respective releases. The same goes for Twice and JYP Entertainment with “Knock Knock.” So… keep “fighting” away.

Both BTS and Twice are now taking care of post-release promotions for their respective K-pop comebacks. The former will only be continuing “Spring Day” promotions for one more week before switching over to “Not Today.”

[Featured Images by JYP Entertainment and Big Hit Entertainment/Screen Captures of Respective Music Videos]

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